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Bruneau Beast

Auf Einen Blick

Distanz Marathon

Datum 16 Jun 2018

Über Bruneau Beast

Bruneau Beast is the toughest Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, and 10k on the planet!!

So if you think splatting some mud on your face or jumping over a fire makes you look tough, you need to do the Bruneau Beast for the race pictures. They are epic. And there is no creative photography required, it is simply one of the very cool spots on the planet to have a race picture.

You aren’t going to PR. Seriously. Not even close. Unless you pick a distance you’ve never done before. Otherwise forget setting a PR. If you are from around Boise and want a comparison, Robie’s winner in 2014 did that in 1:17…our 2014 half marathon winner finished in 2:13. Now don’t get all chicken on us, just don’t show up and be like “Oh I can’t believe how tough that really was.”



11 aid stations within the marathon course.


All finishers will get a killer medal. Overall prizes for top 3 of both male and female for the marathon, half, 10k, & 5k distances.


Chip timing will be provided and results will be posted as soon as possible after the race, if not during the race.


Near Bruneau Sand Dunes Rd, Within Bruneau Dunes State Park



Beautiful views of Bruneau Dunes and Dunes Lake within Bruneau Dunes State Park.


The 1/2 Marathon is two modified loops of the 10k Course and the marathon is four modified loops of the 10k Course. The marathon course does have a 9 hour time limit and a 7 hour cut off for getting through the 3rd loop. The course is almost entirely sand. Roughly 1/4 mile is paved road and another 1/4 mile is packed gravel…the rest is sand. The elevation gain is very moderate, but it’s sand trails and sand dunes so expect to feel slow.

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