Media Maraton de Bogota

Auf Einen Blick

Ort Bogota, Colombia

Distanz Halbmarathon

Datum 26 Juli, 2020

Über Media Maraton de Bogota

The Bogotá International Half Marathon (Spanish: Media Maratón Internacional de Bogotá) is an annual road running competition over the half marathon distance 21.0975 kilometres (13.1094 mi) which takes place in Bogotá, Colombia in late July or early August. Established in 2000, it holds IAAF Gold Label Road Race status, making it the first and thus far only South American race to achieve this accreditation. The competition features both elite and popular (or recreational) sections within the half marathon.

The elite race has featured a number of high profile runners, including former marathon world record holder and champion Catherine Ndereba, two-time Saint Silvester Road Race winner James Kwambai, Olympic medallist and New York City Marathon champion Joyce Chepchumba and 2005 World Half Marathon champion Fabiano Joseph. The race is not typically conducive to fast times as the city and its course are at 2600 metres above sea-level, a factor which inhibits long distance runners.


10 km

  • 10km

Media Maraton de Bogota

  • 21,097km

Media Maraton de Bogota Routenkarte

Media Maraton de Bogota Routenkarte


Simón Bolívar Park



Gonzalo Jiménez Convention Center Avenida Jiménez Parque Nacional Unicentro shopping centre Salitre Mágico amusement park Simon Bolivar Park


The starting zone for the race will be the Plaza de Eventos (Events Plaza) in the Parque Simón Bolivar (Simon Bolivar Park) and the starting line of the race will be on the west side of Carrera 60, in front of the park’s main parking area. 

Runners will follow Carrera 60 heading South up to Calle 53 (south side of street), where the race will turn East up to Carrera 24, where the runners will turn to the South until Calle 45, where the course joins with the Parkway (West side of street) until Carrera 19 where the course turns southward before connecting with Calle 32. 

From Calle 32, the course heads West until Avenida 28, where the course turns southward to connect with Calle 26 (North side of street). From Calle 26 the race heads East to Carrera 13B before turning northward on Calle 26A (Gonzalo Jiménez Convention Center) and then again at Carrera 13A, where the runners continue heading north until reaching Calle 33, where runners will head East until reaching Carrera 13 and heading North toward Calle 34 and then East to Carrera 7 (La Septima; West side of street). 

The course stays on Carrera 7 until Calle 72 (North side of street), where the course turns west until runners reach Carrera 15. On Carrera 15 runners head north toward Calle 90, where they take a slight detour via Carrera 13a that connects them to Calle 92. Following Calle 92 (North side of street) the race continues to the entrance ramp onto the NQS highway, where the race continues South until Calle 71A. 

The course then turns westward to Carrera 50, south toward Calle 68, north until Carrera 60, south toward Calle 67B and west up to Avenida 68 (North side of street). Here runners follow the road to the roundabout at Calle 63 (South side of street) where the course curves east along the road and leads to the main entrance of the Parque Simón Bolivar (Simon Bolivar Park).

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