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Big Bend 50

Auf Einen Blick

Distanz Ultramarathon

Über Big Bend 50

There is a place in Far West Texas where night skies are dark as coal and rivers carve temple-like canyons in ancient limestone. Here, at the end of the road, hundreds of bird species take refuge in a solitary mountain range surrounded by weather-beaten desert. Tenacious cactus bloom in sublime southwestern sun, and diversity of species is the best in the country. This magical place is Big Bend.

In 2004, a wild idea was hatched: An ultra run in Big Bend National Park. It had never been done, the logistics were impossible. It’s several hours from San Antonio. Water is scarce. Fuel is scarce. Transportation is scarce. The first Ultra Run in Big Bend National Park was organized by Carroll Voss and a dedicated crew of volunteers in 2005. It was 50 miles, and was the first organized ultra to be held in Big Bend National Park. We had about 100 runners, and it was a huge success. Logistics prevented us from having another 50 mile event, since the return path off the runner’s course was WAY out of the way. In some cases, it was an hour and half drive back to camp so the 50M was replaced with a 50K instead. In the years since, the “Big Bend Ultra” or “Big Bend 50” or “Big Bend 50 25 10” has become the go-to event for hundreds of runners, their families, and volunteers who make it all possible.


Rock Dog 10K

  • 10km

Fresno Creek 50K

  • 50km

Quicksilver 30K

  • 30km

Borderlands 50M

  • 80,467km



The races are being held in the Big Bend Ranch State Park, and camping and lodging are available. There are many vacation rentals in the area, as well as hotels and lodges of all sorts. The Lajitas Golf Course and Resort offers hotel rooms, and the Maverick Ranch RV Park offers RV and tent camping.

Service nach dem Lauf

Post Race Lunch included for each runner at end of race. Chicken Soup and Turkey Sandwich, Tea, Cookies.


Aid stations will be about 5 miles apart and will have: Water, HEED (electrolyte energy drink), salted items in pretzels, chips, sugars in candies, cookies, PBJ sandwiches, Hammer Gels, Salted Potatoes, fruit, and maybe Udon noodles. Not all stations will have the same foods. All stations will have a privy (compact toilet).

Lagerung der Ausrüstung

Drop bags will be made available at packet-pickup for anyone wanting to have their drop bag taken up to aid station #5 Sauceda mile 24. Bags will be back to Barton Warnock before dark.

Maximale Zeit

15 hrs


The race starts at Barton Warnock Center a mile from the RV park, and there is parking close by the start.


Saturday Pre Race Dinner at Starlight Theatre in Terlingua.


Chip Timing


Barton Warnock Visitor Center

Big Bend Ranch State Park,us


Balanced Rock 

Santa Elena Canyon 

Emory Peak's summit   

Boquillas Canyon

Casa Grande


The organizers replaced 50M with 50K. Now, those up for their 1st official “Ultra” can navigate this 31 miles course through the Fresno Creek drainage, single track beauty. Climbing 1000′ to halfway point and back down to the finish line. The middle section, mile 9 to mile 16 of this new course has not been raced before, only the start and finish remain familiar. It’s technical spots utilize foot-eye skills, creek sand, creek xing’s and smooth sections. This course is moderately fast.

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