Running Buddy: Benefits of Running with Someone Else

Running Buddy: Benefits of Running with Someone Else

Being the social creatures that we are, it would come as no surprise that having a running partner brings you a lot of benefits. However, during the current times, remember to always keep the social distance and take care of yourself and those around you.

How to find a running buddy?

While running alone has benefits like being able to fit a workout in during your own schedule, finding the right running buddy that meshes with your mindset and time would be a perfect complement to your running game. But some may find it difficult to find that exact balance. Here are some ideas to help you find your ideal running buddy. 

Friends, Family, & Colleagues: 

A good place to start is within your closest circle of family and friends or even at work. These are the people you already like, mostly, and they are the ones who get you the most. If you have shared interests in running, then doing it together would be a no-brainer. 

Social Media: 

These are the days of modern technology, there are multitudes of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Meetup. These social outlets can easily bring together like-minded individuals, near and far. 

Running Groups: 

Your local town or city probably has an established running group or club that welcomes all levels of runners for a weekly event. They usually have run then a social gathering after, so you not only do you get your fitness on but you might also develop more meaningful friendships and relationships after. 

What are the benefits of running with someone else?

Once you have found your running mate, the advantages of having a running buddy will start to present themselves. Here are 10 great reasons to have a running buddy:

  1. Social Quality Time: Running with someone else will most likely naturally lead to talking. It is a great way to blow off some steam, gather advice, or have simple banter about any range of subjects from racing to weather. Communication is a great tool for deepening meaningful friendships. This is just one of the reasons people commonly joke that running is cheaper than therapy. 

  1. Deflection: Let’s face it, running can be boring at times. Running with someone else can help you to escape that boredom by being distracted from the hand at task by focusing on another individual. Having a person to divert you from negative thoughts during your run can help you to forget the bad notions and trudge on through.

  1. Motivation: A running buddy can supply you with the necessary pep talks you might need to stay on track or keep going when you are struggling. Having an accountability partner will help you to not procrastinate or skip out on workouts. Having someone by your side through the good and bad miles is great support on your running journey. 

  1. Accountability: By giving someone your word, you are less likely to bail on them. By making a commitment to someone else, you end up holding yourself more accountable which in turn can lead to consistency in your training. 

  1. Achieving Goals: Maybe you and your buddy have a similar goal. Perhaps you both want to achieve a half marathon in under 2 hours or complete a marathon. Having an accountability partner will be beneficial in setting out to achieve that goal. Together you can follow a training plan to reach success. Having a friend to travel with to a certain race also makes a race weekend more enjoyable and frankly, economically friendly as well as having someone to share hotel costs with. Sharing memories of the whole experience will be a cherished milestone in your friendship.

  1. Safety: There is something to be said about safety in numbers. Having a running buddy is a safety measure for both you and him or her. From having someone there in case a health issue arises such as dehydration or a fall to personal protection in a precarious situation, these safety measures help to reduce risks of injuries and in some instances, protect your life. 

  1. Fresh Outlook: We often turn to those we trust to seek out advice. From giving advice on the form to a brand or race recommendation, a running partner will be someone with shared interests who can shed light on new ideas or outlooks you may not be familiar with yet. You can seek advice on a range of topics because most people love to share their personal experiences and opinions on their favorite hobbies. 

  1. Diversity: A running buddy probably knows of new running trails that you may not have tried yet. This can be a great way to explore new routes plus help to minimize monotony. 

  1. Networking: Running friendships can turn into rewarding partners in life. They can bring you into their social circles while you can do the same for them. Branching out, networking, and intermixing your social circles can be a gift to your and your running buddy’s social development. 

  1. Healthy Competition: Having a running buddy who is your level or maybe even a little bit faster than you can be a great way to pace and improve performance. A little healthy competition can motivate you to push a little harder, run a little faster, going beyond your expectations compared to that in running alone. 

Combining fitness and friendship is a gorgeous thing. Not only can you have a partner who motivates you and pushes you to be your best, but you also have an accountability partner to help you achieve your goals. At the same time, you will have someone by your side to create memorable adventures. Not only will they be helping you in so many ways but you, in turn, will be helping them. Having a running buddy will provide everyone with feel-good results.