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Chia Laguna Half


地点 Cagliari, Italy

距离 距离 半程马拉松

关于 Chia Laguna Half

The Chia Laguna Half Marathon organized by MG Sport and Laguna Running has become one of the most popular races on the international circuit, and this year will be no different as passionate runners flock to the resort in April to compete.

Next, to the classic distance of 21 km, the track also features a 10 km competitive leg designed for those who are just starting out, along with a 5 km non-competitive leg that is dedicated to aspiring runners looking for a fun time out.

The Chia Laguna Half Marathon is more than a race; it is an event that brings sport and tourism in the beautiful scenery of Southern Sardinia, set against the backdrop of lush Mediterranean vegetation, the colours of the sea, and the pleasant weather in spring.


Chia Laguna Resort

Viale Chia, 09010 Domus De Maria CA, Italy


Chia Laguna Resort

Chia Laguna Resort, Domus De Maria, Province of Cagliari, Italy




Unmissable for Italian runners and around the world. 21, 10 or 5 km with a view of the most beautiful sea in Italy. A journey that challenges and gives great emotions, when at the end of a climb you will find a blue landscape waiting for you or when, along a flat stretch, you will fly alongside the pink flamingos. Do not look for the personal best here, look for the deepest connection here with your passion.


You will run through the South Sardinia coast surrounded by the green of the Mediterranean vegetation, turquoise sea, white sand dunes and a lagoon hosting pink flamingos.

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