Norway Marathons 26.2 Miles of Majesty

Norway Marathons 26.2 Miles of Majesty

Norway has no shortage of marathons to choose from. Running year round, it offers running enthusiasts road running to mountain running to night running.  From half marathons to ultra, experts to beginners flock to Norway to take in the scenery from a runner’s perspective. Make your way through the city at the Bergen Half Marathon, or take yourself to new heights making your way to the top with Geiranger from Fjord to Summit. No lack of scenic courses, there are many unique ways to see the countr ... 继续阅读

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Tromsø Midnight Sun Marathon

Norway, Tromsø 20 六月, 2020

Ålesund Nyttårsmaraton

Norway, Ålesund 29 十二月, 2019

Jølster Maraton

Norway, Jølster 06 七月, 2019

Knarvikmila - The Great Fjord Run

Norway, Isdalstø 01 九月, 2019

Trondheim Marathon

Norway, Trondheim 07 九月, 2019

Spitsbergen Marathon

Norway, Longyearbyen 06 六月, 2020


Norway, Mandal 22 九月, 2019

Stavanger Marathon

Norway, Stavanger 26 八月, 2017

Nordmarka Skogsmaraton

Norway, Oslo 06 六月, 2020

Fjordkraft Bergen City Marathon

Norway, Bergen 27 四月, 2019

Norske Fjellmaraton

Norway, Beitostølen 06 六月, 2020


Norway, Ringerike 15 八月, 2020



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