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Marathon Races In Chile

Marathon Races In Chile

Seeing the Chilean countryside on foot is something that one can only dream of. From mountainous terrain to road races, there is no shortage of things to see. Marathons range from half to full to ultra marathons, all around the country. Make your way downtown taking in the sites of amazing century-old architecture, or hit the wide open space to see the amazing sites offered by desert courses as well as river sites. From the Santiago Marathon, which has become world famous, to the Atacama Xtreme ... 继续阅读

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Maraton de santiago

Chile, Santiago 06 九月, 2020

Patagonian International Marathon

Chile, Punta Arenas 05 九月, 2020

Maraton Internacional Costa Pacifico

Chile, Viña del Mar 06 十二月, 2020

Rapa-Nui Easter Island Marathon

Chile, Hanga Roa 07 六月, 2020



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