Thy Trail Marathon

23 2月 2019 (Sat)



Thy Trail Marathon

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Welcome to the harshest and perhaps most beautiful trail running in February.A unique running experience in the nationalpark Thy. From Lodbjeg Lighthouse in the South to Surf-Mekka Klitmøller (Cold Hawaii) in the north.A trailrun which follows small trails and tracks and even go on the beach. We will attract trail and extreme runners that love nature and who can stand up to the challenge in the Danish winter.The race finishes in Klitmoller, Klitmøller is pretty quiet during the winter. 

The big sightseeing is all the surfers but they have packed down for the winter. The finish line is at the surfers new build house – Oister House just at the beach of Klitmøller! A really nice place!Foreign runners should treat themselves to a holiday at the Danish West coast in a summerhouse. There will be a renting discount for runners!Join an extraordinary marathon in the winter of Denmark! Where nature is remote, magnificent and breathtaking!

Course highlights

The route starts at the 35 meter high Lodbjerg lighthouse from 1883 which is protected from wind and weather on the outskirts of Lodbjerg Plantation.Shortly after the start coming runners out of the orchard's protection and into Klitheden where you follow the life path. There turned quickly from the "official" life boat and into a hiking trail marked with blue, where you pass a dune. Smokies have individual longer wet areas.

From there, head to Penbjerg Dune, the highest dune in the area. The dune to climb again before we set sail out to rescue the road, where you turn north.Now follow the road until rescue Lyngby. In the beginning as ruts, but about 6 km the tracks at a flat dirt road and there will be a slight increase. There will be wet parties on this stretch.By Lyngbyvej which is unpaved, turn right and here is the first depot. Shortly after the deposit is turned to the left of Astavej, which is a good gravel road. This followed until well 8 km, where you turn onto the original rescue, which here is of mixed quality and sometimes wet. 

About 11.5 km will be the road again for a good solid gravel road.Soon hit Stenbjerg plantation, where you turn to the east of a dirt road. The gravel road follow it around a turn, then exited and one running east south-east of a small indistinct path that leads runners through the hardy mountain pine. The foundation is here soft and lovely - and a bit slippery due. Moss!Man hits back a piece of heath, which is a trifle damp before turning north again. Then crossed Istrupvej and one is led deeper into the orchard.

After 14.2 kilometers reached maddepotet in Stenbjerg plantation, where you can find supplies before heading back running west. By scrapping space, turn right and shortly thereafter left to west through the beautiful forest trail. Istrupvej crossed and proceed due west. Here comes a large and deep ditch, the participants must climb by jumping.Then it moves westward through the orchard before the rut turns south and a wet area passed. Here you will meet a good dirt road that goes towards the sea, and you get some good views of the sea in between the dunes. After approximately 700 m. Follow the road around and it leads runners north / northeast.

At ca. 18.5 km leave the road and turn into a little indistinct path that flourishes through the dunes and onto the beach. Now follow the beach around 2 km until Stenbjerg Landing, where you have to get up and round fishing houses. The beautiful white houses dating from around 1900 and has been used for storing fishing equipment. Life house is from 1931.By Stenbjerg Landing comes ½ marathon runners on the route. Here's depot.

The race is run north through the beach until at 22.8 km turn steeply up in the dune heath at Sdr.Vorupør. The race is run on beautiful small paths into the country before turning and follow the trails back towards the coast. The paths on the way back can be a little damp, but is nothing compared relative to other places on the route.On the beach again must pass a small creek that provides wet shoes for the ½ marathon runners who have come so far with dry feet. One can further see a pier, located right on the point until Vorupoer. 

You get past the landing at Nr. Vorupør, which still pulled boats ashore. There is also depot. Continue another 2 km along the beach. (At high water levels made here an alternative route inland. In test runs Jan. 4, there was no beach here, as the waves beat up to the dunes due. Storm and ran thus highly dangerous!).After 2 km kravles up in the dunes and follow first a path which later turns into a rut into the country. By Tvorup Klitplantage followed the new cycling path with solid gravel a few hundred meters before the rescue road turns off and running into a rut that sometimes damp.

Emergency road turns north and leads runners st a dune and down to Bøgsted Rende. Here's depot.Shortly after it would turn to some tortuous paths that lead up to the large and preserved beacon "beacon" which dates back to 1884! The trip up to the mark is steep and sandy - and also the chute!The race is run at a nice little hiking trail in Thagaard plantation which flourishes around in the inter squat spruce and pine trees. It comes out to the coast road, which you follow the fine new bike path.

The small piece of asphalt are here certainly very welcome for some runners!At ca. 33.5 km route turns off and running parallel to the coast road on a wheel tracks inside the dune heath. These are very fine view of the wide open spaces that may be perceived as endless at this time.After a while, at the rut you pass some of the service's fiercest wet areas!

The trail ends at a cultivated area where during the summer grazing cattle. The fence is followed to the east for a short distance before being led into the fields in a 1½-meter-wide passage between two fences. Similarly, there is here wet pieces, which in addition is extremely smooth. Be careful not to fall!Then passes first on real dirt road and later on the asphalt of the "White Hill" down through the old village Vangså. It is the service's longest asphalt drag around 800 m. With the route's last depot.

At the parking lot at the beach in Vangså continue straight ahead over a small dune and down the beach. At about 37.9 km turn through the dunes and into the beautiful piece of dune heath at Vangså.

The path has a few shorter wet passages - which are the last on the route! The path turns into ruts and soon the runners into firing range south of Klitmøller. You run a short piece on a fastgrusvej before man turns into a pretty sandy road. The road follows the dunes until about 40.5 km, where you turn down the beach just north of a large German bunker.

There is an entire neighborhood of bunkers from the 2nd World War and the beach is here a bit rocky.Follow the beach the last stretch before you suddenly around a corner to see lobster house and finish area!-And Then one goal! Congratulations - you've completed Denmark's toughest Marathon or ½ Marathon - and it is a great achievement!

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Route map

directions_runStart address: Unnamed Road, 7755 Bedsted Thy, Denmark

flagFinish address: Klitmøller, Denmark

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Thy Trail Marathon

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