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The Track


地点 Alice Springs, Australia

距离 距离 5 km

日期 12 5月 2021

关于 The Track

Canal Aventure is the official website of The Track Organisation. Established in 2010, The Track Organisation is a travel agency specializing in ultramarathons organization. Born of the passion for adventure and by the conviction that sport is a universal language, we want to give you the opportunity to experience (and to share) some extraordinary moments.

Since 2011, the events that we organize on the differents continents from Australia to Bolivia through India, Burkina Faso, Norway and Vietnam, brought together hundreds of participants from thirty different nationalities. Motivated by simple but essential values our ambition is to organize events that allow participants to discover beautiful landscapes and the different cultures of our planet.

Our commitment is also to preserve the authenticity of places and people we encounter. So we limit our groups at a reasonable number of participant.

THE TRACK Outback Race is part of the Canal Aventure series and is a foot race of 520 km en 9 edstages / 10 days and in Self-Supported. Each competitor must carry a backpack containing the compulsory equipments, food and personal equipments.

The event takes place in the Northern Territory, between Alice Springs and Uluru.

The participants must follow the route as marked by the organizers and they have a road book. There are check points located at regular intervals. Every night a bivouac is proposed by the organization.



  • 0.522km



18 years age limit.


The water distribution points at both the start and the finish line of each day stage are compulsory check-points. Check points are located at regular intervals through each stage of the race. There will be two to eight check points depending on the length of the stage. Competitors must go through the check points, otherwise penalties will be applied. Check points will allow race officials to record times and distribute water.


Competitors who cannot respect the limit time: the time limit is 10 hours per stage, can stay in the race and they will be classified with their kilometers run during the event.

The Track 路线图

The Track 路线图


Alice Springs

Alice Springs,au


Uluru / Kata Tjuta National Park

Alice Springs,au


Participants get to discover beautiful landscapes and the different site along the course, such as: West MacDonnells National Park and Uluru/Kata Tjuta National Park.


THE TRACK Outback Race will takes place in the Northern Territory of Australia, in the Outback, between the town of Alice Springs and the Uluru / Kata Tjuta National Park.

The first half of the race will takes place within the West MacDonnells National Park. This very old assembly line extends on several hundred kilometers. The route will run in the direction of Finke Gorge National Park.

For the second half of the race, the runners will go down in direction of the Uluru / Kata Tjuta National Park, registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The finish line is at the foot of Uluru, the spiritual heart of Australia. It stands in the middle of the desert, with its color changing according to its exposure to the sun.

Stage 1 / Ellery Creek - Serpentine Chalet Dam [30 km - 18,6 miles]
Stage 2 / Serpentine Chalet Dam - Finke River Camp [41 km - 25,5 miles]
Stage 3 / Finke River Camp - Hermannsburg [41 km - 25,5 miles]
Stage 4 / Hermannsburg - Boggy Hole [49 km - 30,4 miles]
Stage 5 / Boggy Hole - Palmer River [59 km - 36,7 miles]
Stage 6 / Palmer River - Ernest Road [58 km - 36 miles]
Stage 7 / Ernest Road - Angas Downs [64 km - 39,8 miles]
Stage 8 / Angas Downs - Mount Conner [53 km - 32,9 miles]
Stage 9 / Mount Conner - Uluru [127 km - 78,9 miles]
Total: [522 km - 324,3 miles] 

赛事信息可以在在赛事的官方网站或通过公开渠道找到。 总是以官方网站上的最新赛事信息作为参考。 如果有任何数据错误或遗失,请通过电子邮件告知我们.