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Terschelling Marathon


距离 距离 马拉松

日期 02 11月 2019

关于 Terschelling Marathon

The first edition of the Bears Walk on Terschelling took place on October 26, 1997, as a collaborative event between SV Friesland and Promotion Foundation Brandaris. Originally conceived as the marathon sporting end of the year theme "400 years of Willem Barents. Willem Barents, from Terschelling is one of the most famous explorers in the sixteenth century. He tried in 1596 on the north to sail to Asia. It turned out a monster tour with many hardships and Willem Barents continued stabbing between the ice floes on Novaya Zemlya. The hunt bears the crew food and the necessary vitamins to overwinter. And so came the marathon to its name: the Bears Loop.



Torenstraat, West-Terschelling, Netherlands



Terschelling, Netherlands




The route of the Bears Walk leads over asphalt, slightly undulating shell paths and about three kilometers of beach. Forests, dunes, moors, polders and wide beaches form the backdrop of this particular marathon.


The trail leads along asphalt roads, gently sloping shells trails, the beach (about three kilometers), forests, dunes, heaths and polders. The start and finish is at the base of the special Brandaris.

Terschelling Marathon 花絮

The Bears Walk Terschelling Marathon is one of the toughest in the country. Especially when the wind picks up, you can get to the bucket. Because look at this beautiful North Sea island but once shelter!

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