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Tengri Ultra Trail


距离 距离 超级马拉松

关于 Tengri Ultra Trail

TengriUltraTrail will be held on 6-7 of May 2017 near Almaty city, Republic of Kazakhstan.
The series of Tengri race included distances: 15K+ with elevation gain 500m+; 35K+/800m+ and 70K+ with elevation gain more than 2000m.
The race route runs along the Ili River, 120 km north of Almaty city, in the splendid Tamgaly-Tas Nature Park – the tract from the Ili River. It is a place where the history can be literally touched as petroglyphs remained on the cliffs. The route of the race starts in a rocky canyon, runs through a sand dune, thick deep green bushes, an open-wide steppe plateau, along the stretch of the River with wild ice cold water and poppy flower fields.
TengriUltraTrail was officially included into Asian TrailMarathons Series AsiaTrailMaster and has been certified by .
To further encourage your participation you can read a very interesting review from one of our organizers, as well as spectacular photos from the previous race. You can also visit official website and join the page of our event on facebook.


15 km

  • 15km

35 km

  • 35km

70 km

  • 70km




赛事信息可以在在赛事的官方网站或通过公开渠道找到。 总是以官方网站上的最新赛事信息作为参考。 如果有任何数据错误或遗失,请通过电子邮件告知我们.