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Semi Marathon International de Fort de France


距离 距离 半程马拉松

关于 Semi Marathon International de Fort de France

The Fort de France International Semi-Marathon opens its doors in 1985 by a passionate Rudolph Gibus who mobilizes his energy and his tenacity to organize this great event held in the heart of our capital at "Fort de France".

In 1987 the city took over from these people to gather all the partners around the Organizing Committee and to entrust the Municipal Sports Department with the task of coordinating the event.

Over the years, the Half Marathon quickly became popular because it brought together over 2,000 riders of all ages, of all categories, both able-bodied and handicapped, that is to say that almost 1 Martinique out of 100 participated. 

The Half Marathon quickly ranks in the top of the range of the world competition, since it is included in all the international calendars of "long distance races" it is tourist since promoted in Europe by agencies sensitized by this original "product". 

This brings an advantage for Fort France and Martinique, Especially when one knows the richness of the exchanges made possible by such an event. 

Over the years, the Semi-Marathon takes on a real scale and is now one of the major international sports events.


Jou ouve, chanflor

  • 5km

Semi-Marathon International

  • 21.097km

Boulevard Alfassa



Boulevard Alfassa - Savane


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