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Sandhills Marathon


距离 距离 马拉松

日期 06 6月 2020

关于 Sandhills Marathon

You’ll be running on a one lane black top on this net down hill course. Most of the course is comprised of rolling hills, but most are pretty small. Race organizers strongly discourage the use of headphones as this is not a closed course. They also advise to be aware that snakes are sometimes on the road. The race features a long, gradual downhill point-to-point route that unfolds along the Brownlee Road in Cherry County, Neb.

Filled with a combination of pristine prairie grasses and hilly sand dunes that lie atop the massive Ogallala Aquifer here in the Cornhusker state, the region known as the Sandhills of Nebraska plays host to the annual Sandhills Marathon & Half Marathon this year as spring is giving way to summer.

The road itself is a 25.7 mile one lane paved road that cuts through the Sandhill region of Nebraska. The extra half mile is added when runners do a quick out and back into the town of Brownlee. The course has a few rolling hills, but mostly it is in a valley with a 330 ft. decrease in elevation. The road was made for running a marathon!


Sandhills Marathon

  • 42.195km

Sandhills Half Marathon

  • 21.097km

Brownlee Road and Highway 97



Highway 83, between Thedford and Valentine.



Sandhills is an awesome adventure. The course, through rolling green ranchland, is drop dead gorgeous, particularly as the sun rises at the start of the race. While they’re on the course, runners will be racing just a few miles south of Nebraska’s Valentine National Wildlife Refuge, whose 72,000 acres are filled with shallow lakes and marshes that are home to some of the best bird-watching areas around the northern central Plains region. Thousands of geese and ducks stop to feed here during their annual spring migration period in April and May, and the refuge also features more than 40 miles of hiking trails among its sand dunes.


The Sandhills Marathon begins near the west end of the Brownlee Road, where it meets Highway 97, between Mullen and Valentine. The Road, a one-lane blacktop, winds southeast through the Wamaduze Valley until it reaches the town of Brownlee (unincorporated), then runs east along the north bank of the North Loup River. The course finishes on Highway 83, between Thedford and Valentine.

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