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Run & Walk For Children


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关于 Run & Walk For Children

Mark your calendar and begin training for the Annual Total Fitness Connection Run and Walk for Children to benefit Family Enrichment Center to be held March. Funds from this event support child abuse prevention services in south central Kentucky.

Run as a benefit fundraiser for Run & Walk For Children Half Marathon which takes more than 100 runners each year along an out-and-back course through the area known as Three Springs just south of the city.



  • 5km

Half Marathon

  • 21.097km

Run & Walk For Children 路线图

Run & Walk For Children 路线图


Trinity Baptist Church on Smallhouse Road

Bowling Green,us


Basil Griffin Park

Bowling Green,us


Also well worth your while is a visit to nearby Mammoth Cave National Park, whose more than 360 miles of underground caves form the longest known cave in the world. Visitors to the 52,380-acre park can also take in some camping, horseback riding, trail hiking and much more.


The race starts near the Trinity Baptist Church on Smallhouse Road and the finish line that brings runners into Bowling Green’s Basil Griffin Park, where they’ll be greeted by a line of Corvettes as they run in to complete their race.

Largely fast and flat and run on paved surfaces throughout, the race takes runners from the church southward along Three Springs Road, across the William Natcher Parkway to Matlock Road, where they turn left and head south on Matlock.

Just past the intersection with Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Road, runners hit the turnaround point and then head back up Matlock Road, and turn right when the hit Carter Sims Road for a brief loop around Baldock and Plano Roads, before heading back onto Matlock for the remainder of the course back toward the finish.

Runners finish the race inside Basil Griffin Park, where the Corvettes are a reminder that Bowling Green is home to the country’s only National Corvette Museum, a 68,000-sq.-ft. facility that serves as a showcase for more than 50 Corvette models and concept cars, and which race participants as well as their friends and family can visit while they’re in town.

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