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Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia


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关于 Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia

Held deep within the boundaries of the City of Brotherly Love, the Rock ’n’ Roll Philadelphia Marathon has been held on the third Sunday of September dating back to 1978. Originally the Philadelphia Marathon, the name was changed as was the purpose of the marathon. Not just an arena for athletes to participate, it is a race that is characterized by festivals, music, and entertainment. The race itself is not secondary, but the reason for the whole celebration.

One of many in the Rock ’n’ Roll event series run throughout the United States, it has completely revolutionized marathon races. Running through the heart of the city, runners and spectators alike get a spectacular view of the skyline while seeing the city come alive. Racing through some of the most spectacular historical treasures the United States has to offer, the route passes through the Schuylkill River and both the east and west sections of Fairmount Park.

Touting popular bands and spectacular shows, it is a whole day event that attracts people from around the globe. The spirit of America is alive and well in one of the first cities built by the founders. If you want to get a glimpse of what Philadelphia has to offer first hand, and on foot, this is the perfect event to participate in. Whether you want to run in the race, or just spectate, it is one for the bucket list.


Half Marathon

  • 21.097km


  • 7.6km


  • 5km

Eakins Oval, Fairmount Park



Throughout the course, runners and walkers are treated to numerous scenic city views, especially on the portions of the route that run alongside the Schuylkill River and both the east and west sections of serene Fairmount Park. Other views such as: Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Falls Bridge, Museum of Art and Eakins Oval.


The race welcomes both runners and walkers for its out-and-back 13.1-mile course, which starts and finishes near the Eakins Oval, which lies just a stone’s throw from the Philadelphia Museum of Art. From there, runners first follow a roughly four-mile loop through Philadelphia’s downtown district that takes them past local landmarks like City Hall, the headquarters of the American Philosophical Society and Philadelphia’s Washington Square, where runners then turn left and head along Arch Street back toward the Oval for the next stretch of the course along the river. It’s along this stretch of the course that the race shows off some of the city’s most scenic areas, as runners make their way along the both the southern bank of the Schuykill River, along Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, and then along its northern bank after crossing over the river at the Falls Bridge, after which they follow Kelly Drive back southward toward the Museum of Art to the race finish line, just past the Oval.

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