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Renfro Rock N Run Half Marathon and 5K


距离 距离 半程马拉松

关于 Renfro Rock N Run Half Marathon and 5K

Get ready for the Annual Renfro Rock N Run Half Marathon and 5K, one of Kentucky’s most unique and fun races!

Renfro Valley, Kentucky, home of the world-famous entertainment center and the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame, is known for its music, from Bluegrass to classic country to rock. Rockcastle County is home to a rock-solid, enthusiastic bunch who has taken to running and dare you to keep up. In  Mid November they want to share the road, and their countryside, with you.

You’ll dash past rustic cabins, trot alongside a beautiful lake for five full miles, and pass through some of Kentucky’s prettiest farmscapes. You’ll be rewarded for your journey at our unique finish area, where you’ll emerge from an under-road tunnel to lively music and a crowd of cheering by-standers in the heart of the Renfro Village. So, come on, y’all. Rock N Run!


5K - Walk

  • 5km

Half Marathon - Walk

  • 21.097km



SWORD hydration and water on the course and at the finish. We’ll also have bananas, cereal bars, sausage biscuits, coffee and hot chocolate at the finish.


There are 9 hydrations stations, 6 porta-potty opportunities, and 2 gear drops on the course .


Runners must finish in 4 hours (18:19 per-mile pace) or less, after which you are on your own. Volunteers, water stops, law enforcement, finish line crew – all will be gone after 4 hours.


Richmond Street in Renfro Valley near Bittersweet Cabin Museum

Mount Vernon,us


Runners get their chance to run through the area known as the Renfro Valley here in central southern Kentucky, home to the world-famous Kentucky Music Hall of Fame & Museum. The race starts and finishes just down the street from the hall of fame, on Richmond Street in Renfro Valley.

From there, the course heads north and west, along Hummel Road and Lake Linville Road, which takes runners along the shoreline of the lake for the race’s next two miles. Just after leaving sight of the water, between mile markers 3 and 4, the course hits its first big hill as the elevation jumps nearly 300 feet in roughly a mile.

That’s followed by a very gradual incline over the next few miles, and then a gradual decline that starts between miles 7 and 8.

There’s a steep drop between miles 10 and 11 along Mount Zion Church Road, and then the course largely flattens out for the last three miles or so of the race, which finish back in Renfro Valley on Richmond Street, where the race began.

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