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Red Rock Canyon Marathon, 1/2 Marathon


距离 距离 马拉松

日期 27 2月 2021



  • 5km

1/2 Marathon

  • 21.097km


  • 42.195km



Aid Stations will be available at the miles splits listed below. ALL aid stations will have WATER and Hammer HEED (electrolyte drink; various flavors) available in cups, though refill of water bottles is preferred to minimize waste. Certain Aid Stations will be considered *ULTRA* aid stations and will have the full spread of provisions to include: WATER, Hammer HEED, Hammer Endurolytes (electrolyte pills), Hammer Gel (various flavors), salty snacks, sweet snacks, basic first aid (EMS Ambulance is onsite the entire event dispatched out of the Exit of the scenic drive) and portable toilet.


* All finishers get medals. ** Awards will be something inspired by nature and/or the surrounding area and the theme of the race. Overall Male and Female winners for each event (Marathon, 1/2, and 5K) go 3 deep. Overall winners will be taken out of the running for age group awards. Age group Male and Female winners for each event (Marathon and 1/2) goes 1 deep. 10 year age groups as follows: under 20; 20-29; 30-39; 40-49; 50-59; 60-69; 70+


7 hour cut off time for marathon and 6.25 for the half marathon.


THERE IS NO PARTICIPANT OR SPECTATOR EVENT PARKING AT RED ROCK CANYON!!! Everyone MUST be bused from one of 2 locations: (OR Dropped off at the canyon) 1- FREE. This area is closest to Red Rock Canyon. The MAIN FREE parking and busing is from Suncoast Hotel & Casino located at 9090 Alta Drive/ Las Vegas, NV 89145. Parking is available in the parking garage or surface parking areas. Look for the contracted buses, which will be loading on the ALTA side of the property near the covered overhang. This one way trip to/ from the race is approximately 15-20 minutes. 2- STRIP BUS: For those that purchased a Strip bus ticket only. Bally's Hotel and Casino at 3645 Las Vegas Blvd, using the FLAMINGO ROAD side for pick up.


Exit of Scenic Drive

Las Vegas,us


Majestically framing the west side of the valley, Red Rock Canyon is the most notable natural treasure in the Las Vegas area. Federally designated as a Backcountry Scenic Byway, the 13 mile paved scenic drive traverses some of the Mojave Desert's most stunning vistas. Sandstone formations, desert vegetation, and wildlife bring this place to life. The birthplace of Calico Racing! The trailheads "Calico Hills" inspired the namesake and dictated the company logo colors.


The Marathon course starts at the EXIT of the paved scenic drive at roughly 3800' elevation. Runners will run against traffic making a left hand turn down a short out and back section on Oak Creek dirt road (total 0.7 mile). Rejoining the scenic drive just after mile 1, runners will continue running against traffic and gradually climbing to the summit overlook at 4771' by mile 8.6. Descending off the overlook you'll cruise the next 4 mile downhill, run up to the Visitors Center (elevation 3740'), make one complete loop around the Visitors' Center the rejoin the scenic drive. Now running with traffic you'll put in some work as you climb back up to the summit overlook at mile 18.4. The course continues over downhill, flat and rolling terrain where you can pick up the pace to the finish line back where you started at the EXIT of the scenic drive.

The 1/2 Marathon course starts at the Visitors Center (elevation approx 3740 feet), roughly 2 miles from the marathon start (also your finish) at the Exit of the scenic drive. You'll run a complete loop around the Visitors Center before joining up with the paved scenic drive. You'll run with traffic climbing to the summit overlook (4771' elevation) by mile 5.3. The course continues over downhill, flat and rolling terrain where you can pick up the pace to the finish line at the EXIT of the scenic drive.

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