Pyongyang Marathon



地点 Pyongyang, North Korea

距离 距离 马拉松

日期 12 4月 2020

关于 Pyongyang Marathon

World's Marathons along with ZX-Tour is offering the marathon tours to Pyongyang Marathon 2020. 

 What do these packages include? 


- Return flight with Econimic Class Seat: Beijing– Pyongyang / Pyongyang – Beijing

- All meals on the tour (these will be at local restaurants or in the hotel) except for on the train journey in and out

- Hotel accommodation in DPRK

- An English speaking leader from ZX-Tour, two local Korean guides, and a driver per group

- All transportation in the DPRK

- All the visited program listed in the intertary

- Official running shirt(If it is offered this year), finisher's medal and race certificate

DPRK Visa cost



- Marathon race registration fees 

- Internaitional flight cost to China

- Visa to China

- Optional single room supplement of 50 dollars  per night

Return flight business seat upgrade fee 500 dollars

- Optional activities such as the lift up the Juche Tower (6 dollars) or a dingk in the local beer bar(approx. 3 dollars entrance fee per person)

- Meals include a complimentary beer and water, but you will need to purchase extra drinks if needed

- Insurance


We're unable to take you on our tour if you do not have medical insurance that covers the destination in question. Issues of isolation and infrastructure where we go mean it would be irresponsible of us to do so.


April 3rd 


Beijijng group:
Flight from Beijing JS 152.(Flight time to be confirmed later.Airkoryo will arrange additional flights on this day and the flight time maybe set for morning departure. Therefore, all group members should come to beijing one day prior, or if not possible arrive one day earlier, then they should at least arrive in Beijing airport before 0700 am.Because Airkoryo additional flight may depart from beijing at 1000 am from the Beijing airport T2.)
arrive in Pyongyang airport.
Visit Arch of Triumph, 
Walk from Kim Il Sung square to the Grand theater(outside)
Welcome Dinner at National restaurant.


Overnight Hotel Koryo or Potonggang or Yanggakdo.

April 4th


Mansudae fountain park,
Mansudae grand monument
Drive along the marathon course in the city of Pyongyang
Visit the Kim Il Sung stadium(the start/finsh place of Marathon)


Lunch at Okryu restaurant
Walk along the Ryomyong street
Korean History Museum.
Circus Show(World Award show)
Kwangbok supermarket


Welcome Dinner on the Taedonggang Boat(The best boat restaurant at PY)
Overnight Hotel Koryo or Potonggang or Yanggakdo.(To be confirmed one week prior.)

April 5th




Lunch at the Hotel and Relax.
Pyongyang Metro(The deepest subway of the world)
Visit Party Monument,
Juche Tower(Lift fee optional)
Then come to Beer bar at the Taedonggang beer bar together(Optional: 15RMB/one mug of draft beer)


Celebration Dinner at the Diplomatic Club.(It usually open to the foreign officers) Overnight Hotel Koryo or Potonggang or Yanggakdo.(To be confirmed one week prior.)



After the race has finished, the top three in the 10 km, half and full marathon amateur categories (men’s full; men’s half; men’s 10km; women’s full; women’s half; women’s 10km) take their place on the stadium’s podium for the award ceremony. Finisher's medals are also available.


5km & 10km - 2 hours, Half Marathon - 2.5 hours, Full Marathon - 5.5 hours (*stadium doors close at 4.5 hours)


Electronic timing provided by Mylapse

Pyongyang Marathon 路线图

Pyongyang Marathon 路线图


Kim Il Sung Stadium

Kim Il-sung Stadium, Moranbong District, Pyongyang, North Korea




The route is a return course run through central Pyongyang, taking in many of the iconic buildings, monuments and streets before heading out into the countryside just outside of the urban centre, before turning and running back again.


For this year's event, the race is a return course — rather than the loop of previous years — with the route being run through the city centre. Runners will go past many of the iconic buildings, monuments, and streets of Pyongyang, before heading out into the countryside, just outside the urban centre, before running back again.

This new route — which is IAAF bronze label certified — gives runners the chance to see more of the capital than in previous years, and also allows more interaction with people along the course, as it takes in more parts of the city than ever before.

All three amateur races — the 10km, half marathon, and full marathon — will start and finish inside Kim Il Sung Stadium (including a final lap of the stadium track). This means that everyone participating will get the chance to finish in front of a 50,000-strong capacity crowd of local Koreans who will be in attendance at the stadium.

Pyongyang Marathon 参赛资格价格: $2110.00 - $2332.00

赛事信息可以在在赛事的官方网站或通过公开渠道找到。 总是以官方网站上的最新赛事信息作为参考。 如果有任何数据错误或遗失,请通过电子邮件告知我们.