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Wroclaw Półmaraton


地点 Wroclaw, Poland

距离 距离 半程马拉松

关于 Wroclaw Półmaraton

Everyone loves Wrocław (vrots-wahf) and it’s easy to see why. Though in some ways it’s a more manageable version of Kraków, with all the cultural attributes and entertainment of that popular destination, the capital of Lower Silesia also has an appealing character all its own.

Having absorbed Bohemian, Austrian and Prussian influences, the city has a unique architectural and cultural make-up, symbolised by its magnificent market square (Rynek). Wrocław’s location on the Odra River, with its 12 islands, 130 bridges and riverside parks, is idyllic, and the beautifully preserved Cathedral Island is a treat for lovers of Gothic architecture.

With that being said, the PKO Nocny Wrocław Półmaraton (PKO Wroclaw Night Half Marathon) will allow you to experience the whole nature of this historic city.


Wroclaw Półmaraton

  • 21.097km

Wroclaw Półmaraton 路线图

Wroclaw Półmaraton 路线图



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