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The Phoenix Women's Half Marathon


距离 距离 半程马拉松

关于 The Phoenix Women's Half Marathon

Phoenix is red rocks, blue sky and golden sunshine. Phoenix is mountain trails and city lights. Phoenix is palm-canopied resorts and mural-adorned streetscapes. Phoenix is the cosmopolitan heart of Arizona and the soul of the American Southwest.

With that being said, the Phoenix Women’s Half Marathon is the place to be!!

Making its annual running in late January, the Phoenix Women’s Half Marathon, 10K & 5K is described on their website as “destined to be the premier women’s running event in Arizona”. The race organizers describe the current state of women’s running in Arizona as on the decline over the past three years; determined to fix that, the organizers created an event that was just about the running — not the long lines, inadequate parking, or crowds of confused runners.

The half marathon starts at 8:00 AM, followed by the 10K and 5K over the next half hour. With chip timing, finisher medals, race photos, giveaways at the finish line, and age group and overall awards three deep, the Phoenix Women’s Half Marathon promises all the perks of a well-organized race without the downsides.

The Phoenix Women’s Half Marathon also offers a virtual run option for runners who can’t make it to Phoenix on race day, which runners may use to participate via running, walking, treadmill, or even taking part in another race.

The Phoenix Women's Half Marathon 路线图

The Phoenix Women's Half Marathon 路线图


Rose Mofford Sports Complex



Course begins at the Rose Mofford Sports Complex in Phoenix. From there, runners follow a nearly flat out-and-back course with a net elevation gain of under 50 meters. The course is mostly pavement and crushed gravel, making the half marathon a great race for setting a personal record.

赛事信息可以在在赛事的官方网站或通过公开渠道找到。 总是以官方网站上的最新赛事信息作为参考。 如果有任何数据错误或遗失,请通过电子邮件告知我们.