Olympus Marathon

Dion , Greece

12 9月 2020 (Sat)


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Olympus Marathon is the international mountain running event in Greece, carried out on Olympus , the world famous, Greek mythical “Mountain of Gods”. The route itself revives the sacred trail ancient Greeks followed to Olympus, where they ascended every year in order to honor and sacrifice to Zeus. At its very beginning, the track of the race lies exactly on the ancient route, starting from the remains of the sacred city of Dion, one of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece today. The mountain, apart from being a National Park, is listed as a “World Natural Heritage Monument” by UNESCO. 

The athletes reach up to 2800m starting from almost zero altitude (3m) at the starting point in Dion, just below “Zeus’ throne”, one of the highest and steepest peaks of the mountain in magnificent scenery. The race, covering approximately 44km, is completed in Litochoro town, the most important resort of the region, situated at 300m above sea level. The track of the route crosses the eastern side of the mountain and the view the athletes enjoy at its highest parts, is truly breathtaking. Ascending, from the start to the highest point of the route, is continuous and covers over 2800m of total elevation gain in about 21 km. Racing in the “Mountain of Gods”, offers athletes the unique opportunity to take part in one of the main races of its kind throughout the world.

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The organization undertakes the catering of the athletes, supporting them at twelve (12) intermediate points of the route. The 5 central stations offer enhanced catering, while the 7 secondary ones offer electrolytes and water only. All athletes can deliver to the organizers, the morning just before the start, small items or bottles with drinks in their drop bag, which, under the responsibility of the organizers, will be handed over to the Station “Krevatia” and only there.


Remembrance medals will be given only to those who will finish the race within the 12 hours time limit. Participation certificates will be given to all those finishing the race and to those who will reach the second cut off point in time (about half the race distance).


The race closes exactly 16 (sixteen) hours after the start, at the central park of Litochoro. There are 5 (five) intermediate elimination points. These exclusion points were designated for the safety of the athletes and for the proper continuation of the race. The athletes who fail to pass through these points in the time limits listed below, are considered void and can only continue on course on their own responsibility, provided they hand over their bib number to the station judges.


At every Refreshment Station will be available: water, isotonic liquids, energy bars, biscuits (sweet or salty), candies and dried fruit juices. Moreover, there will be additional food (rice, pasta, potatoes, sandwiches, etc.) at the 9th Refreshment Station (31 km).



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Olympus Marathon

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