NUT 100K & 50K

28 8月 2021 (Sat)


50km, 0.02km

NUT 100K & 50K

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Welcome to the NUT, a 100K on the North Umpqua River Trail in Oregon.

These point-to-point courses run almost entirely along the beautiful North Umpqua River in the Umpqua National Forest. The 100K begins at the Swiftwater Park and finishes at Lemolo Lake Resort. The 50K starts mid-way through the 100K, near the Marsters Bridge and also finishes at Lemolo Lake.

The trail winds through old-growth forest Douglas Fir, Hemlock and Sugar Pine, with trees more than 800 hundred years old. You’ll pass moss-covered rock bluffs, fern-covered hillside and run through lush forest past several waterfalls. The course is challenging, described as “brutiful”.

You are in for a real treat if you like single-track trail, crossing bridges, running through old-growth forests, ascending and descending mostly short, moderate climbs – all along an emerald green river. All but 3.25 miles of the race is on the North Umpqua Trail. Ninety percent is single-track trails. You will run less than a mile of pavement.

Course Highlights

The 100K is a 64-mile uphill course with over 11,000 feet of gain. The start is at the Swiftwater Park and the finish is at Lemolo Lake Resort. The 50K course has 5,700 feet of gain. The start is near the Masters Bridge and the finish is at Lemolo Lake Resort.

Start to Aid Station 1 (Tioga Bridge)
Thanks to trail maintenance work to restore the area damaged by forest fires in 2015, the NUT 100K will again start at the Swiftwater Park. Runners will start right away running on the North Umpqua River Trail, passing through old-growth forests of Douglas-fir, hemlock and sugar pine, with trees over six feet in diameter.

Aid Station 1 to Aid Station 2 (Wright Creek)
Here the course meanders along the North Umpqua River going up and down a number of brief, moderate climbs.

Aid Station 2 to Aid Station 3 (Mott Bridge)
This is a relatively flat portion, but slowly gains a little elevation as you work your way up into the mountains. You will cross many creeks via bridges.

Aid Station 3 to Aid Station 4 (Calf Creek)
You will encounter a few short, steep climbs to rocky bluffs away from the river.

Aid Station 4 to Aid Station 5 (Marsters)
In this section, the trail stays near the river and passes along the edge of the 17,000-acre Apple Fire of 2002. You will see burned trees and the beginning of the regrowth process. The North Umpqua River stopped the fire from spreading north. You will pass Horseshoe Bend/Calf Trailhead mid-way through this segment. The trail then winds through moss-covered rock bluffs, fern-covered hillsides, lush forests and then passes above an old-growth Douglas-fir grove over 800 years old. You will arrive at the aid station on a dirt road below Weeping Rocks.

Aid Station 5 to Aid Station 6 (Medicine Creek)
After the aid station, you immediately cross the highway (the only time you will do so). After the crossing, a short, but steep climb awaits before losing the elevation just gained. In this section, you will run along an old roadbed, into Dark Canyon, through a forest of Douglas-fir and big-leaf maple, and below the volcanic remnants of Eagle Rock and Old Man Rock. You will pass several side trails. About 2 miles from the aid station at Soda Springs Trailhead, you make a sharp left and pass under a water viaduct (be sure to lower your head!) and climb a steep section of trail with views of the Soda Springs Dam and Reservoir below.

Aid Station 6 to Aid Station 7 (Toketee Lake Campground)
You immediately drop down and then ascend ~800ft in less than 1.5 miles before hitting some really nice single-track trail with great views. Next is a slight descent to the paved road for ~1/4 mile, arriving at Toketee Lake Campground aid station where your crew awaits (if you have crew).

Aid Station 7 to Aid Station 8 (Road 710)
Just after the aid station, you pass over the North Umpqua River and turn left, following the river. About 1.7 miles into this segment, you hit a gravel road (Road 3401). You will run along this dirt/gravel road for 1.5 miles before meeting the trail again at the Hot Springs Trailhead. This is the longest stretch of road you will run on. This needed to happen as a bridge crossing on the North Umpqua Trail at Deer Creek is washed out. After the Hot Springs Trailhead you enter into the “Dread and Terror” section for the North Umpqua Trail – named by two rangers in 1908 – in reference to the disagreeable possibility of fighting forest fires in the impenetrable thickets of white thorn brush in the area and the steep canyon. You will pass Surprise and Columnar Falls and other unique forms of flowing water.

Aid Station 8 to Aid Station 9 (Bridge Crossing)
You continue following the river in the narrow canyon slowly gaining elevation. There are a few steep and longer climbs a couple miles out from the aid station, the last being immediately before crossing the North Umpqua River for the last time on a bridge. The climb is steep. Be prepared. It will surprise you.

Aid Station 9 to Finish
The trail follows the river before climbing slightly to White Mule/Lemolo Falls Trailhead at Road 2610. You will cross over the road and run a short section of trail (~.75 miles) before hitting a 200 meter x-country section. You will then drop onto Road 2610, crossing Lemolo Lake Dam, climb a short, steep hill and then finally turning into Lemolo Lake Resort and the FINISH at the lake’s edge.

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Thanks to our generous sponsors, race winners will receive great prizes including a special version of Trail Butter (get it, the NUT and nut butter…mmmmmm). The top 3 male and female finishers, as well as top masters, will receive prizes. Each age group winner will receive an engraved glass. All finishers receive a glass. There are also many raffle prizes from our sponsors.



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NUT 100K & 50K

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