Generali München Marathon


地点 Munich, Germany

距离 距离 马拉松

日期 13 10月 2019

关于 Generali München Marathon

The natural habitat of well-heeled power dressers and Lederhosen-clad thigh-slappers, Mediterranean-style street cafes and Mitteleuropa beer halls, highbrow art and high-tech industry, Germany’s unofficial southern capital is a flourishing success story that revels in its own contradictions. If you’re looking for Alpine clichés, they’re all here, but the Bavarian metropolis has many an unexpected card down its Dirndl.

With that being said, the Munich Marathon is the place to be!!

Whoever has competed in one of the editions of MUNICH MARATHON knows that tingling sensation. The concentration and tension of the runners is tangible; only subsiding when the starter’s pistol finally sounds and your sightseeing tour through Munich starts right away.



At the finisher area in the Olympic Stadium participants are offered mineral water from "Stadtwerke München", Schneider Weisse non-alcoholic wheat beer, fruits, cake and kornspitz (bread roll).


Each marathon finisher will receive a commemorative medal at the finish line.


You can view and order your personal commemorative photograph or video at at the latest 24 hours after the event.


There will be refreshment stations along the route at the following points: KM 5 / KM 7.5 / KM 14 / KM 18 / KM 22.5 / KM 27.5 / KM 33.5 and KM 39.5. In addition to water, you will also find electrolyte drinks and bananas available at the refreshment stations. There will also be energy gels at KM 14 and KM 27.5. As well as the refreshment stations there will also be hydration stations at KM 10.5 / KM 15.5 / KM 20.5 / KM 25 / KM 30.5 und KM 37.


Time keeping at the MUNICH MARATHON is done exclusively via ChampionChip.

Generali München Marathon 路线图

Generali München Marathon 路线图



Olympic Park

Spiridon-Louis-Ring 11, 80809 München, Germany


Olympic Stadium

Spiridon-Louis-Ring 23, 80809 München, Germany




Olympic Park, English Garden, Bogenhausen art nouveau villas, Isar Bridge, “Gärtnerplatz”, “Sendlinger Straße”, “Marienplatz”, the Town Hall, Bavarian State Opera, "Residenz", "Pinakotheken", Odeonsplatz, Theatinerchurch, “Königsplatz”, “Siegestor”, Leopoldstraße and many more. Countless highlights seem to line up right next to each other before the Olympic Stadium comes within sight. Goose bumps are not to be hold back at the big marathon gate where runners are rewarded with mist, music and colorful lighting. On the last 300 metres and accompanied by the cheers of the crowd, they turn into the home stretch of the Olympic Stadium.

Half Marathon

Experience the full “Munich Marathon feeling” with just half the distance! The half marathon starts in the district of Bogenhausen on Denninger Strasse. The starting time will be moved forward to 1:30 p.m. so that runners who complete the course in 3:00 hours will also be able to finish at their own pace. The course heads south along the original marathon route to the Olympic Park, where the highlight is running through the Marathon Arch into the Olympic Stadium.

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