Mogollon Monster 100

11 9月 2021 (Sat)


35km, 105km, 160.93km

Mogollon Monster 100

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Much of Arizona is steeped with the history of the Old West pioneer days and old mining history of the 1800’s and early 1900’s. The Mogollon Rim and the surrounding area that encompasses what is the Mogollon Monster course is no different and has a long history in ranching, Indian wars and gun battles. Ranchers on the land below the Rim in the Tonto Basin used to graze their cattle in the areas around Payson during the winters and come spring they would drive their cattle north onto the Rim to the lush, green meadows of the Cabin Loop region and beyond. There water was plentiful with springs, rivers, streams and ponds scattered about the forest while the Payson area below the Rim crept into the upper 90’s and 100’s and watering holes went dry, grass went scarce.

The Mogollon Rim rises out from the earth 2,000 some feet for a span of 200 miles across Arizona and into New Mexico, defining much of the eastern part of the state. This Rim takes the race from elevations of 5,300 feet at the start to upwards of 8,000 feet at the top of the Rim, changing ecosystems along the way in distinct flora changes as the elevation changes switch the scenery from high Sonoran Desert to the largest contiguous Ponderosa Pine forest in the world. 

If the history of the course wasn’t enough to lure you in, if the beauty of the course wasn’t enough to lure you in well how about a mystical monster that has been sighted in this area for nearly 100 years? The "Mogollon Monster" has been sighted on the Rim in the area of the race itself since as far back as 1903.

The Mogollon Monster 100 is a rugged, challenging trail race taking place about 90 minutes northeast of Phoenix, Arizona just outside the small town of Pine, Arizona. This is an advanced degree endurance race of 106 miles. The race navigates its way up, down, around and through the beautiful Mogollon Rim.  This race started very small a few years back and now has grown in popularity because of its extreme difficulty and course beauty. Last year this race was recognized by the Hardrock 100 as one of the toughest 100’s in the country and they granted runners entry into their lottery with a successful finish. Runners raved about the incredible views and old school race atmosphere as they ran up, down, and around the Mogollon Rim several times. This is a must run for all runners looking to really challenge themselves to see what their made of. With only two sub-24 hour buckles in existence there are plenty more to be handed out for those willing to train for the beast.

Course Highlights

The race is point to point, which starts at Pine Trailhead and ends in the Town of Pine. It  covers roughly 106 miles climbing the Rim in four separate locations spending a lot of miles along the Rim, on top of the Rim and the challenging climbs up and down with climbs and descents at 30-45% grades at a some points. Expect to climb a total of about 21-23,000 feet along the way, never below 5,200 feet and never above 8,000 feet in elevation.

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Route map

directions_runStart Address: Pine,us

flagFinish Address: Pine,us

Mogollon Monster 100 路线图



Pine Creek Cabins. There is ample camping available right at the start.


There are 10 total aid stations not counting the start and finish lines. However because some stations are used multiple times there are actually 15 aid station stops plus the finish line. Each aid station will have water, electrolyte mix, fruit, pretzels, and “standard” ultra fare with night stations having hot foot and soup available.


All Mogollon Monster finishers of the race will receive a finishers buckle. A special buckle will be awarded to those that complete the race under 24 hours. There will also be prizes for the top Men & Women Overall.


Drop bags are allowed at all the aid stations except the three on Milk Ranch Point, Pine Canyon, Dickenson Flat & 100 Mile Water Station.


36 hrs


There is ample parking available right at the start.


All entrants will be required to have completed a 100 mile race or Zane Grey 50 Miler, Mesquite Canyon 50 Miler, Georgia Death Race 68 Miler, Hellgate 100K, Never Summer 100K, Tushars 93K, Kat'cina Mosa 100K



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Mogollon Monster 100

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