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Mobay City Run


Old Hospital Park, Gloucester Avenue.

Montego Bay,jm


The MoBay City Run will consist of a 5K Walk, 5K Run and 10K Run. The route takes runners through a scenic tour of historic Montego Bay starting at the Old Hospital Park (OHP) on Goucester Avenue, southwards past the old fort, City Centre and the St. James Library onto St. James Street. Runners will continue west along St. James Street, through Sam Sharpe Square and the Montego Bay Civic Centre which leads you to a right turn on to Barnett Street where runners make a left turn on to Howard Cooke Boulevard, up to the Catherine Hall stop lights where runners will make a 180 degree U-turn to head back on the east bound lane of Howard Cooke Blvd, all the way around leading back to OHP. 10K runners will continue past OHP around to Sunset Blvd and up to the MBJ Airport round-about where a U-turn will be made and back down Sunset Blvd, on to Goucester Avenue and back to OHP.

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