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Meadows Marathon


距离 距离 马拉松

日期 01 3月 2020

关于 Meadows Marathon

The Meadows Marathon is a charity 5K Fun Run, 10K Run, Half Marathon and Marathon organised by student volunteers with the goal of raising a much money as possible for charity. We’re open to anyone who can complete the course (age restrictions do apply), whether you want to sprint round in your short shorts or lumber round in a sumo suit, we’ll do our best to accommodate you. It’s a great atmosphere for runners, spectators and volunteers. With music blaring and various forms of entertainment around the course, it truly isn’t your average walk in the park.

For us it’s not about how many runners we can squeeze onto the course. We’re a fundraising event, so for us it’s about how much money those runners raise. Every penny we make goes to charity. In previous years, we have raised £40,000 from 800 odd runners. With your help and enthusiasm, we can beat our fundraising target and give Meadows Marathon its greatest year yet!


Half Marathon

  • 21.1km


  • 42.195km

5 km Fun Run

  • 5km

10 km Run

  • 10km



For each race, there will be a prize for the fastest female and fastest male finishers. This year, the prizes will be a voucher for personal training sessions from Pure Gym!


There will be an area available in which to leave personal belongings at Potterrow. Please collect your runner number from Potterrow before you check your bags in. Although we will take security precautions, we cannot take responsibility for the theft or damage of valuables left with us.


– This is dependent on road conditions - we are not responsible for parking.


Chip Timing.

Meadows Marathon 路线图

Meadows Marathon 路线图


George Square, University of Edinburgh



The beauty of the Meadows Marathon is that you run it as laps of the Meadows, rather than one long linear route. The Meadows Marathon’s circuitous nature is part of its appeal. You are never far from a first aid station or a water station, spectators cheer on runners throughout the race rather than just at one point, and we get musicians and performers to provide entertainment around the course, lending a carnival atmosphere to the event.


Fun Run
The 5km Fun Run is a great opportunity for runners of all abilities to challenge themselves and have fun. If you’re struggling to keep your new year’s fitness resolution, it’s a great goal to aim for, while allowing you to raise money for charity. 

10Km run
Following last year's success the 10km Run is back! Twice the distance of the Fun Run, the 10km Run allows runners to test their abilities without the leap to the Half or Full Marathon.

Half Marathon
More challenging than the Fun Run and 10km Run, but not as much as the Full one. The Half Marathon is a great race to use as a fundraiser for your favourite charity. 

Meadows Marathon isn't just for fun and silliness (although it comes naturally to us) - lots of hardcore runners use us as a training run for the London, Paris, or Edinburgh marathons.

Lap Counts
5K = 2 laps
10K = 4 laps
Half marathon = 9 laps
Full marathon = 18 laps

赛事信息可以在在赛事的官方网站或通过公开渠道找到。 总是以官方网站上的最新赛事信息作为参考。 如果有任何数据错误或遗失,请通过电子邮件告知我们.