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Maratón de las Flores Medellín


地点 Medellín, Colombia

距离 距离 马拉松

日期 08 9月 2019

关于 Maratón de las Flores Medellín

Medellín Marathon, is a street race of great national and international prestige.

In 2012, this event became the first 42K running event taking place in the country, which makes Medellín Marathon a pioneer in the history of endurance events of the country. It also offers other categories like the 21K, 10K and 5K modalities.

It is simply a race for everyone!



The Organization will make available to the participants a wardrobe service on arrival (not being responsible for the objects left in it).


All participants, regardless of gender, who are 18 years old until the day of the race will be able to participate in the Medellín Marathon. However, athletes under 18 years of age up to and including 16 years must submit the corresponding authorization signed by the parent or guardian and be accompanied by such at the time of withdrawal of the competition number.


The races will have an ambulance service along the route, along with vehicles where doctors and / or paramedics can go.


Marathon 5h30m, Half Marathon 3h, 10K 2h, 5K 2h.


There will be hydration stations in all routes with Cristal water every 2 kilometers and Gatorade isotonic drink in some points of the circuit.

Maratón de las Flores Medellín 路线图

Maratón de las Flores Medellín 路线图





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