Marathon de Provence Luberon


地点 Pertuis, France

距离 距离 马拉松

日期 06 十月, 2019

关于 Marathon de Provence Luberon

In a few years, the Provence Luberon’s Marathon became the Provence Alpes Cotes d’Azur’s main event, side of the most prestigious such as Marseille-Cassis and Half Marathon Nice.

The Marathon du Luberon, people come casual, especially in disguise.

The start of the races at the heart of the city of Perth along the majestic course of the Republic. In addition, the marathon will be delighted to learn that they will revert to the village of Villelaure and held the first 20 kilometers in extra flat plain of the Durance. For this 18th edition, the festival is in the spotlight and many groups world music will enliven the 42.195 km race.

Marathon Provence Luberon is the first sporting event in the Vaucluse and the 5th race of the Paca region: more than 3 500 participants and 5,000 attendants are expected in the Luberon, at the weekend of 01 and 02 October 2016. At the same time the sporting event is celebrated on the outdoor sports market, and as well as the Festival of the potato from Pertuis. the Marathon and the world of wine, agriculture and crafts as well as traders Pertuis cooperate to the Luberon area a special place where rhyme flavor, well-being and quality of life. the Marathon de Provence Luberon is available in 3 races for all levels: the 10 km the 21 kmMarathon Each at their own pace, discover the pleasure of traveling the Luberon and enjoy tasting refreshment stands set up every 3 km on the course. We also provide for accompanying hiking-tasting that will be this year of 15 km as well as walking Nordic (15km) on the same course as hiking.


Marche Nordique 15 km

  • 15km

Marathon de Provence

  • 42.195km

10 km du Luberon

  • 10km


  • 21.097km




castle of La Tour d’Aigues



While running through this scenic route, runners will stumble upon sites such as:

  • Cours de la République
  • Durance plain
  • Blonde pond
  • Castle of La Tour d'Aigues,where there will be a big last festive and local supply for all the competitors (physiotherapist, delivery wines ...). And, the attendance will enjoy a mini provencal market with refreshment, restoration, producers… in order to wait for the awards on the podium for more than 150 riders. .


The start of the races will be done in the historic downtown of Pertuis along the majestic Cours de la République. Morever, the marathoners will be delighted about the new course of this new edition, indeed the 20 first kilometers will be in the extra flat plain of Durance with many beautiful landscapes. The marathoners will go back in the historic center of the city during the course and they will be able to enjoy the cheers of the spectators and the speaker in a festive, friendly and musical atmosphere. Then, the marathoners will run in the course of the half-marathon, which makes a stop around the pond of the Bonde, in order to reach the finish line just next to the beautiful castle of La Tour d’Aigues.

Marathon de Provence Luberon 花絮

  • In a few years, the Provence Luberon's Marathon became the Provence Alpes Cotes d'Azur's main event, side of the most prestigious such as Marseille-Cassis and Half Marathon Nice.

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