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Marathon de Metz Mirabelle


地点 Metz, France

距离 距离 马拉松

日期 18 10月 2020

关于 Marathon de Metz Mirabelle


Marathon Metz Mirabelle is a foot race of 42.195 kilometers long, whose first edition took place on 17 October 2010 . This new course replaces the former marathon of Lorraine, which was also held in Metz from 1973 to 1993 Whether the marathon, marathon relay, Strides HAGANIS (7km) or children EMU races, you will find the course you need …

Plot in the heart of Lorraine Heritage Marathon Metz Mirabelle is one of the most beautiful in France. Its rolling course will allow everyone to make a reference time (qualifying and race classante) in a festive and friendly atmosphere. Entertainment throughout the course, an increasing number of spectators, volunteers at your service, all the ingredients together to make you live an unforgettable experience!

His departure takes place at  Boulevard Poincaré and his arrival is Republic Square in the heart of the village of Marathon. The event is open to all athletes licensed or unlicensed, born in 1994 and before.



  • 42.195km

10 km

  • 10km

Boulevard Poincaré



Place de la Republique



This year still, the opportunity will be given to the runners to discover at the same time the picturesque charm of 6 municipalities Pouilly, Fleury, Cuvry, Marly, Augny and Montigny Lès Metzl, as well as the architectural treasures in which abounds the city of Metz. The Messina city, skirting the high places of messin cultural heritage, such as the Pompidou Centre.


Its departure takes place Boulevard Poincaré and its arrival is situated Place of the Republic, at the heart of the village of the marathon. 42.195 km cross 6 municipalities: Pouilly, Fleury, Cuvry, Marly, Augny and Montigny Lès Metz.

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