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Manaslu Mountain Trail Race


地点 Kathmandu, Nepal

距离 距离 超级马拉松

关于 Manaslu Mountain Trail Race

For many, stepping off a plane into Kathmandu is a pupil-dilating experience, a riot of sights, sounds and smells that can quickly lead to sensory overload. Whether you’re barrelling through the traffic-jammed alleyways of the old town in a rickshaw, marvelling at the medieval temples or dodging trekking touts in the backpacker district of Thamel, Kathmandu can be an intoxicating, amazing and exhausting place.

This endlessly fascinating, sometimes infuriating city has enough sights to keep you busy for a week, but be sure to leave its backpacker comforts and explore the ‘real Nepal’ before your time runs out. With that said, the Manaslu Trail Race is just for you.

The Manaslu Trail Race is a challenging multi-stage trail race passing through some of Nepal’s most beautiful Himalayan landscapes in a part-circumnavigation of Manaslu, the world’s eighth highest mountain.


Manaslu Trail Race

  • 168km

Soti khola








Trail adventure of a lifetime due to combination of jaw dropping scenery, fantastic trails, beautiful villages, humble people, a hugely rewarding challenge.


Days 1-3 – Kathmandu (5th arrive, 6th organise, 7th depart to start)                
Stage 1 – Sotikhola to Tatopani        19.5km     2523m      -2250m
Stage 2 – Tatopani to Pewa        32km     2000m      -1400m
Stage 3 – Pewa – Hinang Gompa        25km     1600m      -500m
Stage 4 – Hinang to Samagaon        32km     1588m      -1182m
Stage 5 – Samagaun ~ Manaslu Base Camp ~ Samagaun        12km     1198m      -1198m
Stage 6 – Samagaon to Samdo        8.4km     342m      -136m
Day 10 – Rest/Walking – Samdo – Tibetan Border – Samdo        (20km)    ( 1200m )     -1200m
Hike / run Samdo to Bimtang        22km     1490m      -1594m
Stage 7 – Bimtang to Dharapani        22.86km     348m      -2117m
Day 13. Return to Kathmandu (Drive)                 -2117m
Kathmandu departure (14th day!)

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