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Kokkola City Run


地点 Kokkola, Finland

距离 距离 半程马拉松

Rescheduled to 11 9月 2020

Previous date: 15 5月 2020

关于 Kokkola City Run

Kokkola is located in Central Ostrobothnia in Western Finland, on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia. The town is the financial, administrative, educational and cultural center of the region.

The biggest attraction in Kokkola (Swedish: Karleby) is its charming Old Town, Neristan, where the town’s sailors and fisherfolk once lived. Until the 1960s fishing boats could sail up the coffee-coloured river to sell fish in the kauppatori, but you wouldn’t believe it to look at the shallow water today. As with the Kvarken archipelago, the land around Kokkola is rising, which means Kokkola is chasing its port as the sea gets further from the town. Kokkola is home to the Kokkola City Run.

Kokkola City Run has established its place among springtime mass running events. It is the largest sporting event in the area. The event has a warm atmosphere and is welcoming to runners, joggers and walkers of all abilities. Enthusiasts can have their performance timed.

Kokkola City Run, KCR, invites you to walk, jog or run with over 3 000 other participants in a beautiful city of Kokkola.

KCR is organised by Kepli. Kepli is an independent, registered association that supports and develops diverse sports activity in Central Ostrobothnia. Around 250 volunteers from 10 different sports club take part in organizing KCR with Kepli. Profit from the event is used locally to develop local sports activity within children, teenagers as well as adults.


Half Marathon

  • 21.1km

10 km

  • 10km

6 km

  • 6km



Parking: Between Kokkola sports centre and swimming hall (VesiVeijari), and the parking areas of Halpa-Halli, shopping centre Chydenia and bus station.


Sports drink is available in the start/finish area and in Meripuisto (around 4 km after start). An additional refreshment point is available for half marathon runners at Mannerheiminaukio. We are also prepared to arrange a sponging point.


Market Place, Kokkola



Along the courses participants get to see plenty of the beautiful and historical city of Kokkola. The course runs from the market place to the seashore, the park and goes through the old town before finishing at the market place. 

Kokkola City Run 花絮

KCR has been organised yearly from 2007 when 1 866 participants took part in the event. Year after year, KCR has grown it´s popularity among people. The peak year was in 2012 when the event gathered 3 727 participants to enjoy the good sporting spirit of KCR.

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