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Kiel Marathon


地点 Kiel, Germany

距离 距离 马拉松

日期 27 2月 2021

关于 Kiel Marathon

Held every year in February in the Baltic Sea port of Kiel in northern Germany, this winter running event attracts a crowd of more than 1,500 hardy runners, mostly from Germany, Denmark and Sweden. The event offers three races — a 10k, a half marathon and a full marathon.
Starting and finishing at the Cruise Terminal Ostseekai in the city centre, the 10k is one lap, the half marathon two laps, and the marathon four laps of a certified and very flat out-and-back course along the Kieler Förde (Kiel Fjord).



  • 42.195km

10 km

  • 10km


  • 21.097km

Cruise Terminal Baltic Sea Port



The start and finish of the famila Kiel Marathon falls on Cruise Terminal Ostseekai . From the Kiel Inner Fjord  runners move  on a super flat and officially measured turning point is  haul. To the aquarium, the Schleswig-Holstein Landtag, the ministries, the naval base Kiel-Wik in the north and Sweden-terminal and bus station displayed along the keel line, the Hindenburgufer and Kaistraße in the south like pearls on a chain along the maritime running track. They then repeat this a second time before finishing the race.

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