Kagawa Marugame Half Marathon


地点 Marugame, Japan

距离 距离 半程马拉松

日期 二月

关于 Kagawa Marugame Half Marathon

The Kagawa Marugame Half Marathon (香川丸亀ハーフマラソン Kagawa Marugame Hāfu Marason?) is an annual road running competition which takes place in early February in Marugame, Japan. It currently holds IAAF Silver Label Road Race status and the professional races attract over 1000 entries each year. Competitors in the professional races are largely Japanese athletes, supplemented by African athletes based in the country. In addition, a small number of foreign athletes are invited to compete each year. The level of competition is strong. The course is AIMS-certified making performances at the course eligible for national and world records.

Kagawa Marugame Half Marathon 路线图

Kagawa Marugame Half Marathon 路线图


Marugame Stadium

Marugame Stadium, Marugame, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan




The course of the half marathon is largely linear, beginning at the Marugame Stadium and heading eastwards before abruptly looping back to follow the same path back towards the finish point within the stadium.

Kagawa Marugame Half Marathon 花絮

The race in Marugame was first held in 1947 as a full-length marathon, known as the Kagawa Marathon and  a companion 20 km race began in 1949 in addition to the scheduled marathon.

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