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Ibiza Marathon


地点 Eivissa, Spain

距离 距离 马拉松

日期 10 4月 2021

关于 Ibiza Marathon

Ibiza Marathon will really make a difference among the outstanding European marathons!

The world is training because of Ibiza Marathon, a new race that is taking place in next spring at sunset. Thousands of runners will be able to enjoy 42,195 meters of this lively and beautiful island with a different perspective than usual. The unique location of Santa Eulària des Riu is the starting point.

This marathon puts together sport, tourism and leisure. Thus, visitors from every country are not only coming to run among the streets of ibiza, but to feel its culture, historic heritage, cuisine, nightlife, beaches and nature during a whole weekend.

Spain has a great background about road races, so Ibiza Marathon will make the most of it with an added value: the spectacular view of the sun going down in the Mediterranean Sea and the particular charm of the known as Magic Island.

Run and feel Ibiza!



  • 42.195km

12 km

  • 12km

20 km

  • 20km

Ibiza Marathon 路线图

Ibiza Marathon 路线图


Hotel Catalonia Ses Estaques, Santa Eulària des Riu



Punta d'en Castello, Santa Eulària des Riu



This new race that will take place on the Balearic Island at the beginning of spring will be different from any other marathon. It will be held in the evening so that runners can enjoy the spectacular views of the most international island in Spain while they repeat the feat of Pheidippides.

Thousands of runners who take part in the event will run the 42,195 metres from Ibiza to Santa Eulària des Riu. This marathon will pay the closest attention to detail so that runners can enjoy every inch of the route around the Magical Island. Besides, the marathon will be supervised and certified by RFEA (the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation), which will assure its sports quality.

Sports, tourism and leisure merge in a very special weekend for runners and Ibiza. The city will welcome runners from every corner of the world who will not only run but they will also enjoy the time they spend there with their friends and relatives.


Santa Eulària des Riu will be both the start and finish line of the Ibiza Marathon. The Marathon will start right in Marina Santa Eulalia. This will be an amazing starting point for a great crowd of runners who are looking forward to enjoying a unique experience on the Magic Island.

Once the participants have run the first kilometres of the race, they will leave Santa Eulària des Rui towards the city of Ibiza through the Camí Vell Can Fornet. This is a vibrant rural area with a thick pine forest and the sea as a spectacular backdrop. Es Puig de Missa, the most popular historic monument in Santa Eulària des Riu, will be watching runners as they pass by.

Runners will find their reward when they get to Ibiza. Both in kilometres 12 and 20 runners will see the best sight in the city: the magnificent castle of Dalt Vila and the old town. This area, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999, is surrounded by historic walls and has witnessed thousands of experiences and dreams come true.

When entering Ibiza and going through the nerve centre of La Marina neighbourhood, runners will be cheered by the spectators and they will get to see the sea again. Then, they will reach the sports marina at kilometre 15. 

Once runners are in Ibiza, they run back to Santa Eulària des Riu through the state route that links both cities. This part of the circuit is located where the famous local race ‘passeig a passeig’ takes place. Runners will cross the city centre at kilometre 30 and will get the support from the spectators in the most critical moment of the race: the wall.

This is the fastest area of the circuit, which has been designed to give an impetus to the runners. From kilometre 35 on, the circuit will take runners to very special locations and it will be much faster so that they can keep pace. The atmosphere will be electric only a few metres away from the sea and runners will be able to feel the breeze as they pass Platja d’Es Canar.

The final kilometres of the race will be located in Punta Arabí. After running along Platja d’Es Canar, participants will keep on running with the sea as a spectacular backdrop in such a wonderful and significant location as Punta Arabí. They will take a final glance at the Mediterranean sea before they face the final stretch, which is when they come closer to the 40th kilometre of this fantastic marathon.

They will be able to see the finish line when they get to the final kilometres of the race as they run along the seafront promenade of Santa Eulària. Spectators at the port and the beach of Santa Eulària des Riu will show their support as runners admire the stunning scenery that will surround them as they finish the Ibiza Marathon. They will also be able to go to the beach once they crossed the finish line and recharge their batteries. Run and Feel.

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