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Hatcher Pass Marathon


距离 距离 5 km

日期 11 7月 2020

关于 Hatcher Pass Marathon

Welcome to the Hatcher Pass Marathon!
2016 will be the 6th running of the marathon and marathon relay races. HPM is the only marathon in the Matanuska-Susitna Valleys and one of the toughest in the state of Alaska. It is a point to point course that enjoys some of the most scenic areas in the mountains of the Talkeentas. The course starts on the Willow side of the pass, climbs up 4000 feet over 25 miles to the top of the pass and screams down 1.5 miles to finish just below historic Independence Mine. On the way you will encounter wonderful views, flowing rivers and creeks, helpful and encouraging volunteers and the historic mines of Hatcher Pass. The road you travel was once a busy mining gateway into the gold mines of the Talkeetna mountains, and still acts as the only access up and over the pass.

If you like a challenge then this could be the marathon for you! The route follows Willow Fishhook road (aka Hatcher Pass road) all the way over the summit, and finishes within a quarter mile of Independence Mine State Park. The course is very mountainous, relentless uphill for about 25 miles with an elevation gainof close to 4,000 feet. Approximately 22 miles of it is on gravel road, the rest on pavement (at the beginning of the course). The course is slightly longer than 26.2 – please note that it is not a certified marathon course.



  • 1.2192km

Hatcher Pass road



Independence Mine State Park.



This is a point to point race. It begins on the washed out Willow Creek Bridge at the end of Shirleytown Road, mile 43.25 of Willow Fishhook Road (Hatcher Pass Road). This is on the Willow side of the pass. From here, the course turns left, and begins the long ascent towards Hatcher Pass. From here, the course is simple. Stay on the road up 25 miles, down 1.2 miles to the finish. The first few miles are paved, then the road turns to a packed gravel road until the finish. The course length varies from approximately 26.2-26.4 miles long. It is not a certified marathon distance. The road is not closed for the race. Traffic generally picks up around Noon close to the finish. On the Willow side of the pass, expect 4-wheelers as well as off-road vehicles. Please be courteous. Many of these people are camping there overnight and may not be aware of the race.

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