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Halstead & Essex Marathon


地点 Halstead, United Kingdom

距离 距离 马拉松

日期 09 5月 2021

关于 Halstead & Essex Marathon

The Halstead & Essex Marathon is an undulating, rural race, incorporating many quiet and picturesque country lanes. Many runners state this is the most beautiful marathon course they have ever run.

The race attracts athletes from across the UK and abroad and the furthest know travellers to the race have come from Dubai and Omaha Running Club, USA.

North Essex is relatively unrecognised as an area of extreme beauty but has an abundance of hidden back roads amongst rolling hills, woods and farmlands. Even more attractive to runners is that, apart from a 400m stretch in the last mile, the race is entirely on roads with very little traffic.


Halstead & Essex Marathon

  • 42.195km

Halstead Leisure Centre



The Halstead & Essex Marathon incorporates many quiet and picturesque country lanes.


The race starts at the Halstead Leisure Centre, Colne Road, Halstead. There’s an ‘out-run’ from Halstead through Pebmarsh into the lanes of the Essex/Suffolk border, where the route enters a 10 ½ mile loop, most of which is run twice. After completing most of the second lap there’s a different mile-long ‘in-run’ back to Race HQ.  The route is almost all on secondary roads but there is a short section of grass (400m) in the final mile.

Halstead & Essex Marathon 花絮

The 2008 Halstead & Essex Marathon race was rated one of the top 5 UK marathons by Runner's World, Britain's best selling running magazine.

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