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Galway Bay Run


地点 Galway, Ireland

距离 距离 马拉松

日期 03 10月 2020

关于 Galway Bay Run

Breathtaking, amazing, spectacular, friendly and fun are just some of the words used by participants when describing this unique event. What makes it unique? The course straddles the quaint Latin Quarter of Galway City, the famous Claddagh Quay and the majestic coast road with it’s panoramic views of the Burren in County Clare across the Atlantic waters of Galway Bay – very few marathons worldwide can boast such a pretty mix of scenic views.

The race has a ‘low key’ relaxed vibe even though there are over 3,000 participants and it’s fast becoming one of the major running events in Ireland. The ‘pre’ and ‘post’ race atmosphere lives up to Galway’s reputation for looking after visitors. Runners can go home with a dramatic sense of living life to the full and fond memories of a personal challenge achieved in a place that they will want to return to year after year

The course is great for new runners who want to avoid hills and it’s even better for fast runners who are looking for a personal best!


Half Marathon

  • 21.097km


  • 10km


  • 42.195km

Nimo’s Pier, Claddagh



Starting on Nimo’s Pier at the Claddagh, marathon participants run two laps of ‘South Park’ before running along the closed road through the heart of Salthill as far as the Barna Road junction and return via the back of the Golf Club and along the promenade and back to the Claddagh. Then another three full laps of Salthill are completed and back to the finish at the Claddagh.

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