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Fintro Kortrijk Loopt Voor Think Pink


地点 Kortrijk, Belgium

距离 距离 半程马拉松


11 km

  • 11km

5 km

  • 5km



If you live in the neighborhood, come to Sportcampus Lange Munte by bike. You can park your bike in one of the bicycle sheds.


The time measurement for the 11 and 5 km is done by means of an electronic chip. This chip, which is attached to the back of the chest number, measures the net time between start and finish. That means that your time starts to run when you pass over the starting line. This extra service ensures a more accurate time recording.


Those who take part in the 5 km walk across the finish line at the Grote Markt in Kortrijk. Free shuttle buses are provided to bring the runners back to the starting location, Sportcampus Lange Munte.

Fintro Kortrijk Loopt Voor Think Pink 路线图

Fintro Kortrijk Loopt Voor Think Pink 路线图


Sportcampus Lange Munte



True to tradition, during Kortrijk Loopt you will discover the most beautiful places in Kortrijk for Think-Pink. The 5 km course starts at the Lange Munte and runs straight through the center to the Grote Markt. The participants of the 11 km walk through the center to finish back to the Lange Munte.

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