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Fayetteville Half Marathon


距离 距离 半程马拉松

关于 Fayetteville Half Marathon

Fayetteville, Arkansas is known as a great arts destination with many public works from large murals to little-known gems tucked in the nooks and crannies. We recently wandered around Fayetteville taking in the natural beauty and snapped a few shots of some of our favorite art pieces. If you haven’t explored the art scene in Fayetteville, add that to your bucket list!

With that being said, the Fayetteville Half Marathon is the place to be!!

Set among the mountainous green terrain of northwest Arkansas – and just a short drive from Bentonville, the world headquarters of the retail giant Walmart – the home of the University of Arkansas Razorbacks football team plays host to the annual Fayetteville Half Marathon this fall.

The race takes runners through the university campus and the city at large, for a race that will also feature a 5K and one-mile fun run & walk.


Fayetteville Community 5K

  • 5km

Fayetteville Half Marathon

  • 21.097km

Fayetteville Half Marathon 路线图

Fayetteville Half Marathon 路线图


John McDonnell Outdoor Track Stadium.



Runners start the half marathon — as well as the other races in the event — on the University of Arkansas campus along Meadow Street.

The first loop, which lasts for just over 8 1/2 miles, takes runners from the starting line down to the southern end of campus along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, and then back northward again into campus along Stadium Drive.

The course leaves the paved city streets and heads onto the trail along the creek that runs through the city, which runners follow south all the way back down to Maple Street, crossing North Street along the way.

It’s this portion of the loop that runners will run a second time once they make their way around Gregg Avenue, Dickson Street and Maple once again and run through the heart of the university campus. This stretch features some of the city’s — and the university’s — most notable buildings and schools, and don’t worry — if you miss any of them, you’ll get a chance to see them again on the second loop.

Once runners make their way back up along Garland to Maple Street, they start the second of the race’s two loops, which take them back north along Garland up to Hickory Street and Sycamore, and then along the trail system again southward to campus, and then back through the heart of the university campus once again.

Runners finish the race at the John McDonnell Outdoor Track Complex, where they head onto the running track and make a loop around to cross the finish line.

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