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Farnham Pilgrim Marathon


地点 Farnham, United Kingdom

距离 距离 马拉松

日期 13 9月 2020

关于 Farnham Pilgrim Marathon

The Farnham Pilgrim was awarded a trophy for the “Best New Event” after its inaugural running in 2010. Since that date it has been consistently highly-rated by participants. It is a challenging trail marathon with beautiful scenery and outstanding views in the Surrey Hills.

Farnham Pilgrim Marathon, which incorporates a Half Marathon, is possibly one of the toughest, prettiest trail marathons/half marathons in the UK. It is set to be one of the “must-do” events of the year. The route is challenging and hilly, as it takes place in the Surrey Hills. It is a unique, bespoke event with the option of a Half Marathon and Family Walk, with a whole lot of other activities to keep supporters happy.

Discover historic churches, old pubs and refreshing views across the Surrey Hills as you follow in the footsteps of pilgrims.



  • 42.195km

Half Marathon

  • 21.097km

Sands Recreation Ground



The course allows runners to follow in the footsteps of pilgrims. The route passes through several historic sites.


The race is multi-terrain and starts and finishes The Sands Recreation Ground. From the start runners then travel up Binton Lane and turn onto the North Downs Way. They then detour through St Laurence Churchyard, and Seale, on towards, Totford Hatch and all the way to Puttenham Village. At The Good Intent Pub, half marathon runners leave. The marathon continuing along the North Downs Way via Watts Gallery, St Catherine's Lock and onto the summit of Martha's Hill. From St Martha's, the route heads over to nearby Pewley Down, joining up the Pilgrim's Way road descending to Shalford Park, then cross the River Wey footbridge, to the ruins of St Catherine's Chapel and pick up the North Downs Way, to take runners back to Watts Gallery again. The return journey then reverses the journey used on the way out, via the scenic North Downs, back to cheering crowds at the Sands Recreation Ground.

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