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Double Top 100 Stone Anvil


距离 距离 超级马拉松

关于 Double Top 100 Stone Anvil

The DoubleTop[DoubleTap] 100 is a 100 mile, 100 km, and 50 km trail race in the Cohutta Mountains in northern Georgia. The event is held inside the Fort Mountain State Park. The course consists of an inner (clockwise) loop and an outer (counter-clockwise) loop that is a loop of about 20 miles with 5000 feet of elevation gain. Two taps are made on the Pinhoti trail that add 3.6 miles and roughly 1500 feet of elevation gain. The start/finish area is located at the Old Fort area of the Park.

Because of the hard climbs, there is an abundance of aid on the course. The completion of each loop is at the Cool Springs AS.

In general, the Park and course are family friendly and supporters are able to interact with their runner many times during the race. Some of the Fort Mountain trails are technical (i.e., sections of the Gahuti trail) but much of the course is rolling double-wide trails…with lite, hard, and brutal climbs. Cutoff times will be strictly enforced during later loops for runner safety. 

The first two loops will also include running down and up the Pinhoti Connector. This provides a metaphorical "Double Tap" on the Pinhoti Trail. With that the DoubleTop/DoubleTap race kicks off the Pinhoti Slam (DoubleTop, Georgia Jewel, Pinhoti 100).

The main events are the 100 mile, 100 km, and 50 km races. For the seriously insane, a 72 hour timed event is offered.


100 Miler

  • 160.934km

200 Miler

  • 321.868km


  • 50km


  • 100km



There will be 5 aid stations on the course that give 6 aid points per loop. Three of the ASs are crew accessible and easy to reach.


Fort Mountain Park Road



The course starts at the Old Fort area and uses about 0.25 miles of the park road for sorting out before entering the wide and fast 302 trail. This begins the inner loop. The inner loop follows the 302, intersects the 301, follows the 301 to its trailhead, transitions to the 303 to go the main parking area near the lake. The loop continues passed the park area, over the small hill to the lake, and right around the lake to the Lakeside Aid Station. At the Lakeside AS, runner go right to the Big Rock Trail that connects to the Gahuti trail, which eventually pops out at the Old Fort area and the inner loop checkpoint. After a quick jaunt down the Stone Wall trail, runners will turn right and follow the Gahuti trail to the Cool Springs Overlook Aid Station. This is the end of the inner loop. At the start of the outer loop, runners leave the Cool Springs Overlook AS and follow the 302 down the switchbacks from Hell until intersecting with the 301. The outer loop then follows the 301 around the north end of the Park and south on the west side of the Park until reaching the Power Line Climb. The Power Line Climb is about 1 mile long with 1000 ft of gain - about 0.25 miles are a steep vertical trudge. The Power Line Climb stays on the 301 and the 301 then intersects with the powerline trail. A left turn onto the powerline trail and a fast descent to the Big Rock trailhead leads to the Lakeside AS. After the Lakeside AS, runners trace the lake shoreline for 0.5 miles and make a right on a connector trail to the Gahuti. The outer loop then follows the Gahuti until the Park Entrance Aid Station. At the Park Entrance AS, runners will be take two trips down the Pinhoti Connector. After the Park Entrance AS, the outer loop follows the Gahuti until it intersects with the 301 and follows the 301 downhill along Mill Creek. When the 301 intersects with the 410, runners take right, and follow the 410 until it interests (into) the 401. The 401 goes out and around the north end of the Park to the Deep North Aid Station, which is the lowest elevation on the course. After the Deep North AS, runners follow the 401 uphill until intersection with the 410. A left on the 410, followed shortly by a right on the 301, bring runners close to the final climb of the loop. The 301 climbs a bit until it intersects with the 302. A left onto the 302 begins the switchbacks from Hell and eventually the joy of reaching the Cool Springs Overlook. The arrival at the Cool Springs Overlook AS is then the completion of one lap/loop.

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