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Wuhan Marathon


地点 Wuhan, China

距离 距离 马拉松

日期 12 4月 2020

关于 Wuhan Marathon

Wuhan Marathon by the Chinese track and field association, Hubei Province Sports Bureau, Wuhan Municipal People’s Government co-sponsored by the Wuhan Municipal Sports Bureau, Wuhan Sports Development Investment Co., Ltd. co-hosted by the Wuhan Hanma Sports Management Co., Ltd. operation. Will be held in April, in Wuhan. Race with full marathon, half marathon, healthy run and many other projects, the size of the contestants will be more than 20,000 people.


Health Run

  • 13km


  • 42.195km

Half Marathon

  • 21.097km

Wuhan Marathon 路线图

Wuhan Marathon 路线图


Qingdao Road and along the Yangtze River Road



Wuhan Happy Valley



Qingdao Road and along the Yangtze River Road intersection (starting point) → along the Yangtze River Road (city hall) → a yuan Road → Zhongshan Road → Wusheng Road → Jianghan Bridge (auxiliary road is on the bridge) → Kameyama South Road (Kameyama) → Yangtze River Bridge (over Yangtze River) → Yellow Crane Tower South Road → Peng Liu Yang Road (13 km run point is located in the Revolution Museum Museum, about 13 km) → Peng Liu Yang Road → Riverside Avenue → Sanxing Road → Friendship Avenue → Shahu Bridge The end of the road in front of the provincial highway library, half 21.0975 km) → Chu Han Road (Chu River Street) → Eagle Bridge → Egret Street (turn point) → Swan Road → Wu Da Ling Po (East Lake Road) (East Lake East Road) → Meiyuan → Miaoshan Scenic Area (East Lake East Road) → Beach Beach (along the Lake Avenue) → Nine Pier → along the Lake Avenue → East Lake Monkey Island → Liyuan Square North → East Lake Tunnel Exit to the pear Square section of the auxiliary road reverse driving → Ginkgo Road (rewind) → Yu Guang Road → Wuhan Happy Valley

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