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Diamond Valley Lake Marathon


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日期 07 3月 2020

关于 Diamond Valley Lake Marathon

Habitat for Humanity Hemet / San Jacinto Affiliate’s purpose for this event is to raise funds to build homes for low to very low income families in the San Jacinto Valley. Habitat is a volunteer driven non-profit international organization building simple decent affordable housing for people living in sub-standard conditions. Each Family must put in 500 hours of labor " Sweat Equity Hours "and make low no intrest mortgage payments.The homes are sold to families at 0% intrest/ no profit.The mortgage payments are recycled to finance the building of additional homes. Habitat for Humanity Hemet / San Jacinto brings people together to build Homes and Building Hope.



  • 42.195km

1/2 Marathon

  • 21.097km

5K Walk/Run

  • 5km



Quality Inn of Hemet


Aid stations every 2.5 miles.


Participants will receive a beautiful Finisher medal.


7 hrs


Parking is limited and will cost $5.00.

Diamond Valley Lake Marathon 路线图

Diamond Valley Lake Marathon 路线图


East Marina



The Diamond Valley Lake Marathon course is rolling with no major hills. Approximately six miles of the marathon is on smooth asphalt with the rest on compacted dirt access roads with some loose gravel, sand and rocks. Runners will first run a 2.5 mile out-and-back segment from the Start/Finish area in the East Marina. This will follow a westerly direction from the paved parking lot along the dirt north shore drive road. Once the course returns to the East Marina, runners will complete 21.2 mile clockwise circumnavigation of Diamond Valley lake on Lake Shore Drive.

Diamond Valley Lake Marathon 花絮

This man-made water reserve that has served Southern California’s water needs for more than six decades and has also been the site of many paleontological fossil finds, including mammoths and mastodons whose origins date back to the Pleistocene era, which spans the time period from roughly 1.8 million years ago to about 10,000 years ago.

The Diamond Valley Lake Marathon was the 469th largest marathon in the U.S. last year and was the 472nd largest in 2014.

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