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Dalton Red Carpet Half Marathon/5K/2K


距离 距离 半程马拉松

日期 24 10月 2020

关于 Dalton Red Carpet Half Marathon/5K/2K

The seventh annual running of the Dalton Red Carpet Half Marathon/5K/2K runs along the streets of this northern Georgia city that’s often called the "carpet capital of the world" thanks to its plentiful carpeting, dye and home construction industry.

Though the areas around the city are marked by the sight of rolling mountainous terrain and the trees of the Chattahoochee National Forest area off in the distance, the terrain for the race is mostly flat and fast by contrast, as it follows an out-and-back course that starts and finishes in the city of Dalton, which lies just east of the Interstate 75 highway between Atlanta and Chattanooga, Tenn.

100% of the race proceeds with no administrative cost supports The City of Refuge which mission is the commitment to affecting real change in the lives of those left living in the margins of society by addressing the needs of the disadvantaged regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender or disability and to help integrate them back into society to lead healthy functional lives. We are committed to deploying men, women and resources into environments where difficulty resides, bringing hope to those who live there. The promise of a better life, along with the tools to build that life is the passion of City of Refuge.



  • 2km


  • 5km

Half Marathon

  • 21.097km



Before the Corner of Thornton Ave and Waugh St. twice, on the way out and back courtesy of First Baptist Church. -500 S. Thornton Ave in front of and courtesy of First Methodist Church. -300 Tibbs Road in front of and courtesy of Seventh Day Adventist Church. -510 South Tibbs Rd. in front of and courtesy of Christ Presbyterian Church. -865 Shugart Rd in front of and courtesy of Academy Sports. -1006 Professional Blvd. on Thornton Ave in front of Value Rite Pharmacy before Hamilton Memorial courtesy of Pleasant Grove Methodist.

Dalton Red Carpet Half Marathon/5K/2K 路线图

Dalton Red Carpet Half Marathon/5K/2K 路线图


Intersection of W. King St. and Selvidge St. in downtown Dalton, GA





Experience the best in southern hospitality while racing through the historic streets and neighborhoods of Dalton, Georgia. Spectators and cheers abound as you trek your way around our 13.1 mile PR course in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The scenic journey culminates in a dramatic, cheering finish on the red carpet in the heart of Downtown Dalton.


Start on King Street, Turn Right on to Hamilton Street, Turn Right On Franklin Street, Turn Right on Thornton Avenue, Turn Left on Waugh Street, Turn Left on Jones Street (at Fire Hall), Turn right on Crawford Street (behind City Park), Turn Left on Ridge Street (at Harmon Field), Turn right on Cuyler Street (into cemetery straight past chapel to Emery, Turn left on Emery Street, Turn right onMiller Street, Turn left on Franklin Street, Turn Left on Valley Street, Turn Right on Cuyler Street, Turn right on Thornton Avenue, Turn right on Walnut Avenue, Turn Right on Tibbs Road, Turn left on Maple Street (by First Presbyterian), Turn Left on Ella Lane, Turn Left on Tibbs Road, Turn left on Woodvalley (stay left around loop), Turn left on Tibbs Road (down Shugart Road), Turn right on Hwy 41 Bypass, Turn right on Old Chattanooga Road, Turn right on Chattanooga to Thornton Avenue (at Farm Bureau), Turn left on East Morris (at Daily Citizen), Turn Left on Pentz Street, Turn Left on King Street (to finish)

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