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Denver Colfax Marathon


距离 距离 马拉松

日期 16 5月 2021

关于 Denver Colfax Marathon

It’s the Ultimate Urban Tour of Denver with epic sites. Start and finish in Denver’s City Park. Run through Empower Stadium at Mile High – twice! Run through Denver Fire Station #1, along seven miles of rivers, lakes and bridges – including Sloan’s Lake. Race through eclectic neighborhoods, historic Lakewood, the bustle of Colfax Avenue, and downtown Denver – with views of the majestic Rocky Mountains!

This is one for the bucket list! The Colfax Marathon is a Boston Marathon qualifier race.


Half Marathon

  • 21.1km


  • 42.195km

Colfax 5K

  • 5km

Urban 10 Miler

  • 16.0934km

Denver Colfax Marathon 路线图

Denver Colfax Marathon 路线图


Denver’s City Park



Between miles three and four, the course passes through a fire station, where firefighters and police officers cheer runners. A few miles later, you'll enter Mile High Stadium, home of the Denver Broncos, where you'll run along the perimeter of the field and see yourself on the JumboTron. (If you forget to look up, no worries: You'll go through the stadium again between miles 20 and 21.) Enjoy views of the mountains and downtown Denver as you circle 177-acre Sloan's Lake, then pass through the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design campus and by Casa Bonita (a Mexican restaurant that South Park made famous) in the second half.


SECTION 1: URBAN RIVER – 6.4 MILES Picturesque Colfax, downtown and the epic stadium run-through – 6.4 miles Starting on the East side of Ferril Lake in City Park, runners leave the park at the Esplanade. Then it’s west on Colfax past shops, pubs, and restaurants before heading downtown, passing the Capitol and Civic Center Park. Run through Denver’s Firestation #1, cheered on by the firefighters, and then head down to the Cherry Creek Trail and the Confluence. Pass Elitch Gardens en route to Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium for the first run on the field – right through the stadium! SECTION 2: NO GROANS AT SLOAN’S – 3.7 MILES It’s a short climb out of the stadium, then onto Colfax for a great mix of retro and storefronts. At Sloan’s Lake, roll past the Dragon Boats, colorful drummers and dancers. Enjoy the stunning mountain and downtown views. It’s flat, fast and phenomenal. SECTION 3: ECLECTIC MILE HIGH – 6.0 MILES Leaving Sloan’s Lake, runners head west on Colfax. Enjoy mountain views, retro architecture and Casa Bonita, where the course departs Colfax. Then it’s on to the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design campus, where outdoor art mixes with great architecture. Pass pretty Morse Park before entering a hidden gem of Lakewood – The Glens neighborhood, with graceful shade trees and white picket fences. Meet your next runner at Rockley Music. SECTION 4: SCREAMING DOWNHILL – 4.0 MILES Ready – set – go! It’s a fast downhill cruise from Lakewood back to Denver. Starting near the Whitlock Rec Center (near Dover and Colfax) the course heads straight down Colfax. Runners pass fun architecture and venues such as the Big Bunny Motel, Putt n Pub, and the Lakewood Steam Baths, and wonderful street art. Most of this run offers terrific panoramic views of Denver’s skyline. The leg wraps up on the west Esplanade at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium. SECTION 5: DOWNTOWN RIVER TREK – 6.1 MILES It’s the grand finale! Runners head straight into the stadium for the second stadium run through, then cross over to the Platte River by Elitches and Confluence Park. The course rejoins the Cherry Creek Trail. Exiting at Lawrence takes runners on a fun tour across the 16th Street Mall, under the Tabor Center, and then uphill out 17th Avenue passing great restaurants and Victorians. Enter City Park at 21st, with the grand finale between beautiful Ferril Lake and the meadows next to the Museum of Nature and Science. Meet up with your team to cross the finish line together!

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