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Capital City River Run Marathon


距离 距离 马拉松

日期 21 9月 2019

关于 Capital City River Run Marathon

The Capital City River Run is part of a weekend of races, which includes a half marathon and a 5K. Making the most of the surrounding terrain of the “Mid-Michigan” area, Lansing’s Capital City River Run Marathon takes runners along a course that’s a mix of urban city streets and big buildings as well as mile after mile of trails that run alongside the Grand River, which cuts right through the heart of the city. Race organizers have designed a course that shows off many of the local area’s most noteworthy attractions, including Michigan State University, Scott Woods Park and Potter Park, and of course the Lansing River Trail for much of the race.


Adado Riverfront Park

Adado Riverfront Park, North Grand Avenue, Lansing, MI, United States




Runners will pass Michigan State University attractions, including Spartan Stadium and Sparty himself. There is also music provided along the course.


The full marathon course starts with the half marathon, traveling down Michigan Ave. It then travels down Grand River to the heart of East Lansing, then onto the River Trail at Michigan State University. The course hits local parks, trails and an interurban pathway south of Lansing.

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