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Big Woods Run


距离 距离 半程马拉松

日期 10 10月 2020

关于 Big Woods Run

Faribault is set along the beautiful Lake Country of southern Minnesota. The Faribault area serves as a perfect backdrop for a refreshing vacation or group visit. The balance of historic buildings, new retail shops and world renowned businesses draw many people to Faribault. There are so many things to see and do in Faribault, we know the experience that awaits you will be a memorable one.

With that being said, the Big Wood Run is the place to be!!

Runners get the chance to trek through the wooded, tree-lined dirt and gravel trails of southern Minnesota’s Nerstrand Big Woods State Park at the Big Woods Run, a fall race that draws several hundred runners out for each year’s half-marathon, 10K, 5K and 1-mile Kids Run.


Half Marathon

  • 21.097km


  • 10km


  • 5km



Awards will be given to the top male and female runners in each age category: 19 & Under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 & Up. The award ceremony will begin after the race concludes in St. John's Church.


There is parking available at St. John's Church in their parking lot and in the surrounding fields.


The Big Woods is a ChampionChip Timed Event by Final Timing. Please make sure to return your chip post-race.

Big Woods Run 路线图

Big Woods Run 路线图


St. John's United United Church of Christ



Join us for one of the year's most scenic runs through the Big Woods State Park during the peak of the fall colors. Many people have photographed the beauty of this park but not many have the opportunity to run/walk the trails in an organized fashion. So put on those running shoes and get out there and see the many wonderful fall views this park has to offer you (Caution, you may wish you had a camera to capture all these breathtaking views).


The half marathon and the 10K events start and finish at the St. John's United United Church of Christ. From their both races go 1.2 miles north and into the south end of the Big Woods State Park. The 10K run will run about 3.5 miles through the south half of the Big Woods State Park. The trails this time of year are all covered in leaves so you will need to pick up those feet or you will likely trip on one of the many roots in the trails from the large oak, maple and basswod trees that create a conopy that often blocks out the sun! During the hot days, the large canopy forests such as these can often be 10 degrees cooler than normal areas surrounding the park. We again caution you to slow down and pick up those feet or you may get close and personal with the leaves and ground. The nice thing about the 10K is that the south trails are relatively flat except for the one place where you go down, cross the bridge and come back out of an old creekbed.

The half marathon also goes through the many beautiful trails on the south side but you will also spend a great deal of time on the north side trails of the Big Woods State Park. From mile 5 to mile 10 you will find yourself engulfed in the grandeur of the north side of this park. This side is hilly, the trail take you by the historic falls seen in the picture and through some very old growth forests. This side of the park, although a little more challenging, has scenes you will never want to forget.

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