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Berenloop Terschelling Marathon


距离 距离 马拉松

日期 01 11月 2020

关于 Berenloop Terschelling Marathon

 Bear Run Marathon held on Terschelling . For many runners forming the Bears Loop an integral part of their course calendar. The beautiful but tough course, the enthusiastic volunteers and encouragement on the road make for a fantastic race spectacle. Moreover, is the Bears Loop the perfect occasion for a sporty and relaxed weekend Terschelling .

Almost everyone is on Terschelling involved in the Bears Loop: as a participant, volunteer or spectator, and it shows.

The course consists of flat asphalt, undulating shell paths and about three kilometers of beach. With very bad conditions of the journey on the beach may be replaced by an alternative route.



  • 42.195km

10 km

  • 10km

Halve Marathon

  • 21.097km

5 km

  • 5km



You can leave your valuables and clothes in the shed behind the Center for Nature and Landscape (Natural History Museum) to the Mayor Reed Kerkstraat 11. From the Brandaris takes you there via the Boomstraat, then at the WigWam left the Burg. Reed Kerkstraat in. On presentation of your bib number you receive it back.


The time limit for the entire marathon is 5 hours, ie closed the finish at 17.40.


In Harlingen are several possibilities to park long.


The Bears Loop allows for time recording using the BibTag.

Berenloop Terschelling Marathon 路线图

Berenloop Terschelling Marathon 路线图





Brandaris Square



Terschelling is thirty kilometers long and three to four kilometers wide. The wide beach plains, dunes, forests, salt marshes, mudflats and polders provide a unique natural landscape. About eighty percent of the island's natural and managed by the Forestry Commission. Terschelling has a number of official nature monuments, such as the Boschplaat and Noordsvaarder. Boschplaat is an important breeding area and is therefore in the breeding season (spring and early summer) closed to the public. The Noordsvaarder is best known for its varied vegetation.

From the seventies for recreation was Terschelling increasingly important and there were many kilometers of hiking and cycling trails. A large part of the route of the Bears Loop executes on these paths. Combined with a few kilometers of the beach, it's no wonder that the course is known as one of the finest and toughest of the Netherlands.

The first part of the Bears Loop takes you through the various villages on Terschelling , all with their own special atmosphere. The largest of the island village is West Terschelling , where the ferry arrives. The face of West Terschelling is determined by the Brandaris, the 55 meter high lighthouse, which dates from 1594. The Brandaris is therefore chosen as the start and finish point of the Bears Loop . From West Terschelling is a road east along the several villages, such as Midway, Baaiduinen, Midsland, Formerum, Lies, Horn and finally Oosterend. The marathon runners see all villages are passing by; the participants in the half marathon strike in Formerum in the direction of the beach.


The entire distance of the Bears Loop is a real challenge for runners. The route leads over the island, from West to Boschplaat and back, through the polders, dunes, forest and the beach. Start and finish are at West under the Brandaris.

Half the distance from the Bears Loop offers runners a beautiful and varied route . Starting in West carries out the route of the main road to the villages Midsland and Formerum. Then it goes through woods, dunes and along the beach back to West. Along the way there are lots of atmosphere and music and the runners are fully encouraged.

赛事信息可以在在赛事的官方网站或通过公开渠道找到。 总是以官方网站上的最新赛事信息作为参考。 如果有任何数据错误或遗失,请通过电子邮件告知我们.