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Bengaluru International Midnight Marathon


地点 Bangalore, India

距离 距离 马拉松

日期 07 12月 2019

关于 Bengaluru International Midnight Marathon

Professional athletes and enthusiastic runners alike join together to run for a specific cause each year, which forms the theme of the marathon. Such themes of previous editions include: ‘Run for a Child’ (2011) and ‘It’s fashionable to be Green’ (2009 & 2010), which raised hundreds of thousands of rupees for the city. This year we ‘Run for Bengaluru’

The Bengaluru Midnight Marathon represents the vision, vigor and vibrance of the beloved and inspiring city.

At its heart, the initiative aimed to create a platform to raise funds for health, education, social welfare and rural enlistment projects. And in its successive years, the marathon has remained true to its simple purpose. Since inception, hundreds of people have raised money, generating funds that have provided free spinal and eye surgeries for the needy, scholarships for deserving youth, vocational training sponsorships, mid-day meals in schools, among many others.

Five editions of the Bengaluru Midnight Marathon have been held till date, with unprecedented success and support from local, national and international athletes. The race is more than just an athletic event; it is a glimpse into the cultural diversity of the state of Karnataka. In previous years, race day functions have included cultural performances of traditional Indian art forms, dancers, percussion artists as well as more western rock shows, giving a unique blend of a modern and ethnic flavor to the activities. The pet-a-thon allows attendants to participate with their pets, giving a fun twist to the day’s events.

The BMM reflects a unique spectrum of values which is shared by participants, their families and supporters across India and the world. Associations established with the marathon display not just a heart for social responsibility but also provide a platform for display and contact. Our partners share our values and also appreciate the opportunity of a wide reach and the overall brand leverage.



  • 42.195km

Half Marathon

  • 21.097km

10K Run

  • 10km



18 years for marathon & half marathon.


Water will be available at 4 different locations on the track as mentioned on the Map.


Certificates & medals will be issued to every participant. Prize money will be paid by a banker's cheque only, is subject to TDS deduction as applicable. This will be paid out within 15 days of the event.


The baggage hold will be near the start point of all the races at the holding area.


The track will be free of traffic till 6 am, which will give all Marathon and Half Marathon participants 6 hours to complete.


Adequate parking space is available at KTPO .


Timing chip will be provided to every participant who registers before 5th December, 2016 for the Full and Half Marathon, 10k Runs, and the Corporate Relay.

Bengaluru International Midnight Marathon 路线图

Bengaluru International Midnight Marathon 路线图


KTPO, Bengaluru





Cosmopolitan Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore) is one of India's most progressive and developed cities, blessed with a benevolent climate and a burgeoning drinking, dining and shopping scene. Yes, its creature comforts are a godsend to the weary traveller who has done the hard yards and it's a great city for mixing with locals in craft beer joints or quirky independent cafes. Though there are no world-class sights, you'll find lovely parks and striking Victorian-era architecture.

The past decade has seen a mad surge of development, coupled with traffic congestion and rising pollution levels. But the central district (dating back to the British Raj years) remains little changed, and the landmark corporate HQs and business parks of the city's booming IT industry are mostly in the outer suburbs.



The main event of the Bengaluru Midnight Marathon, the full marathon is a 42.195 kilometer race in the heart of the city’s famed IT section. Held at midnight under Bengaluru’s gleaming lights, it has evolved into a marathon of international standards within a few short years.

Half Marathon

As the name suggests, this is half the distance of the full marathon. Covering a distance of 21 km, it is still a test of the strength and stamina for athletes everywhere.

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