Australian Outback Marathon and Half Marathon


地点 Ayres Rock, Australia

距离 距离 马拉松

日期 27 七月, 2019

关于 Australian Outback Marathon and Half Marathon

Not just a running event - a unique experience Don’t just run a race, experience a truly unique Australian running event – The Australian Outback Marathon! Feel the kilometres slip by as you take in the awe-inspiring sight of Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas). This inspiring backdrop will encourage you to work through ‘the burn’ and achieve something truly special. The Australian Outback Marathon has four running events; the full marathon, half marathon, 11km run and 6km run which all use sections of the same course. The terrain varies throughout the course; with most on unsealed roads, bush trails and tracks. The ‘red earth’ route takes runners on a journey through Australia’s Outback with stunning views of Ayers Rock. The entire course is relatively flat from a topographical point of view but there are a few little inclines here and there. A couple of short sand-dunes also make an appearance and whilst they are not long or high they will certainly feel like a challenge when running up them. Like most adventure marathons around the world, the varying terrain does not measure to AIMS standards… Just so you know!



Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia




The Australian Outback Marathon, Half Marathon, 11km and 6km courses will be predominantly off-road, made up of bush trails, access roads and tracks as well as unsealed roads. Only a small amount of the course will be run on sealed roads. The running surface will consist mainly of the famous "red earth" that can be found all over central Australia, and stunning views of Uluru (Ayres Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) are waiting for you around almost every corner.


The course then turns in a North-Easterly direction for another 3km and the ground changes once again from a desert track back to an unsealed but graded road. After approximately 9km you hit one of the few sealed roads on the course, Mala Road, which takes you through the village of Yulara on your way to more off-road trails. After crossing both Giles Road and Coote Road, a brief turn due North takes you back onto the red earth as you head up towards Connellan Airport. You start to head back towards the finish area after approximately 12km and there are a few small dunes to navigate here with some spectacular views of Uluru awaiting you over almost every tiny bump in the road. The 15km mark sees you cross the Lassiter Highway and another short stretch of sealed road awaits you before you head off once again into the bush. After approximately 17km you will take a left turn where a 6km stretch of pure Australian Outback awaits you, and there are once again some truly amazing views to be had here. Don’t forget to take a look around as you make your way back to the finish line.

Australian Outback Marathon and Half Marathon 花絮

  • The Australian Outback Marathon was an event conceived by Mari-Mar Walton, the founder and Managing Director of Travelling Fit, after visiting Uluru with her husband Michael for the first time in 2004.
  • Mari-Mar had previously taken part in adventure races around the world and she wanted to bring the concept of an “all inclusive, fully hosted” Marathon holiday to Australia.
  • After six years of planning, gaining permissions and working out the logistics of putting on an event such as this in the middle of the desert, the inaugural Australian Outback Marathon took place with 187 runners on 31st July 2010, growing to over 400 participants in 2014.

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